Skin Condition: Moles & Skin Tags

8/04/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

So many of us have that one embarrassing mole or start to notice a pesky little skin tag around the neck or chest area. Both are very common, and usually minor and harmless...aside from just being annoying. Osmosis believes that skin tags typically come from a virus and moles are usually caused by a fungus. Whether it be from exposure to bacteria on a necklace or simply a virus inside of the body purging itself through the skin, various environmental causes can result in moles and skin tags. So, what do we do about it? We have just the products you need to make conquering moles and skin tags quick and effortless in just two easy steps!

Step 1: Repair. The most effective way to tackle a virus, which is, in essence, an infection to the DNA, is to combat it with a DNA Repair Serum. Osmosis to the rescue! Our patented, clinically-proven DNA Repair Serum, Catalyst AC-11, serves as the perfect defense against these unwanted spots and tags. Apply the technologically advanced serum twice a day to the specific area, and as the serum goes to work to penetrate into the skin and disinfect the DNA in that area, moles start to fade and skin tags fall right off. Like magic!!

Step 2: Activate. Top off Catalyst with Clear Plus+ Activating Mist to bring the protocol full circle. This refreshing Mist helps to drive the serum deep into the dermal layer of the skin, boosting results for visible change. It also contains active ingredients to help firm, soothe, nourish, and add a splash of hydration for an all-encompassing skin-renewal process!

This super simple, two-step protocol is quick, easy, and clinically-proven to work so you can flaunt beautiful, flawless skin with confidence! For more information on Osmosis' philosophy behind moles and skin tags and how to effectively treat them, tune in with Dr. Ben Johnson here.

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