The Perfect Eye Look for your Zodiac Sign

8/23/2017 Osmosis Skincare 4 Comments

We've all heard the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul". Well, we're taking that idea to the next level. As we begin the transition from summer to fall, what better time to renew your look, taking your eye makeup to a whole new level of personalization by channeling your astrological sign! Check out which look is unique to you and bring those bright eyes to life!

Aries is adventurous, energetic, and quick-witted. The thrill-seeker of the zodiac! So your makeup look is just that! Push the boundaries with fiery hues and a daring winged liner.

Taurus is reliable, yet self-indulgent. You seek to live the luxe life and don't stop until you get there, but your warm-hearted disposition balances these desires. Your makeup is soft and trustworthy, but oh-so-glamorous.

Gemini, you can be lively and social making you the life of the party and so much fun to be around! But since you tend to have two sides to your personality, your makeup showcases your intellect and cunning wit with an intriguing brow while complimenting your socialite ways with fun golds.

Cancer is loving and nurturing, always striving to serve and please those they love. This compassion can come in strides with a little moodiness...Cancer's, you know what we mean. So your makeup is deep and smokey to resemble your emotion and caress.

Leo. The brave, the bold, and the fearless. You live to be the center of attention, and your charisma and enthusiasm keep you there. Your makeup look is bold just like your spirit with a thick liner and heavy-handed highlighter to resemble that spotlight you chase.

Virgo is modest and responsible with a tendency to be quite meticulous. Your makeup is down-to-earth and precise with with a thin, subtle liner flick and matte shadows. Don't be afraid to cut that crease! Sharp angles are what adds to the lure of your look.

Libras are known for their strategic charm. You are very sociable and diplomatic in your ways, which can cause you to be indecisive at times. Your eyes flaunt flirty shadow colors and curled lashes to portray the fun-loving, social adaptability you possess.

Scorpio, you are mysteriously magnetic and live life in an intense, passionate manor. Your eye look is dramatic and sultry with romantic lashes that reach new heights. You also rock smokey shades of red to exhibit your passion.

Sagittarius, you're the free spirits of the zodiac. Slightly careless and somewhat restless at times, you are always looking for the next adventure! You are good-humored, but never beat around the bush. Your look strays outside of the lines with shimmery purples and unique lower liner. Rock it!

Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined, you live your life in a very traditional way and rarely stray. Sport natural shadow shades with dimension that overachieves most looks. You reach for the stars with your makeup just like you do with your success!

Aquarius shows affection freely. You are a humanitarian at heart and strive to make the world a better place for all people. In showcasing your peace-maker personality, blues are the star of your eye makeup show. Don't be afraid to get a little eccentric with the usage of this color, it suits you perfectly.

Pisces, you live to escape reality. Your are unapologetically sympathetic, creative, and intuitive. Your makeup reveals the mystical, fantasy world you live in with a blend of pastel colors and, of course, a subtle glittery essence. You flaunt this fairy tale look effortlessly.

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