Osmosis Match-Maker: Find your Foundation

9/01/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

As summer comes to an end and we welcome fall with open arms, we start thinking about how to transition our makeup in order to keep up with the trends, climate, and skin tone changes that come along with the autumn weather. We're getting back to basics in celebration of our latest Colour launch of the new Performance Wear Satin Foundation! In order to successfully shift your full look from summer to fall, you'll need to start with a good foundation (pun intended!) and we've just made it simpler than ever to achieve your best Base.

Whether you're looking for a translucent finish to set your look in place or maximum coverage to stick with you all day long, you can find a variety of coverage and finishes to set the tone for the rest of your makeup look this fall!

Shop for for your flawless foundations here!

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