Makeup: Get Glowing for the Holidays!

11/22/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

There is nothing better than a holiday party! The champagne, the food, the company! Our favorite part of course, is the glamorous holiday looks! This season we launched some great holiday kits that make for the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself), one of which is the perfect set to create the most timeless holiday looks. Let's take a quick look at these holiday gems before we get to our holiday Crimson Cream makeup look.

Skincare Power Kit: This kit has everything you need to gift your skin with the perfect holiday glow. Full size StemFactor and Quench Plus couple beautifully with the travel size Purify and Polish. Rejuvenate your skin this season and give the gift of soft, supple skin to your loved ones.

Indulgence Recovery Kit: Take care of your holiday indulgences with this perfect kit to kick the aftermath of eggnog ( bourbon) right outta your bod! This kit includes samples of our metabolism busting Elevate, Hangover, Relax and Digestive Health Harmonized Water. Gift this kit to your holiday party host, he or she will love you for it!

Anytime Makeup Kit: Woah baby! This is one perfect makeup kit. This limited edition palette is equipped with everything you need to create any look your heart can dream up. Choose from Gingersnap and Spice Berry Trios or Chocolate Brûlée and Crimson Cream Eye Shadow Duos. You can use the darker shades to line, smoke, or define and the lighter shades to lift, highlight, and glow. Also included is the perfect tools for a scarlet lip. Sangria Lip Pencil, the perfect warm red pairs perfectly with Berry Frost Lip Gloss, a cooler gem tone that creates the perfect holiday lip!

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Follow along with our holiday look and show up to your holiday parties looking timeless, elegant, and most important, beautifully you!

Learn where to shop for your holiday glow here. 

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