Osmosis ABC's: Retinaldehyde

7/21/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

We've finally made it to letter R and are so excited to delve into one of our very favorite, "can't-live-without-it", all-star skincare ingredients, Retinaldehyde! Here at Osmosis, we believe vitamin A plays an important role in your routine no matter your skin type, and of all the different forms, we firmly believe in the powers of Retinaldehyde because of its therapeutic qualities. Unlike retinol or retinoic acid, it is non sun-sensitizing as well as anti-bacterial. Because Retinaldehyde is the most active form of vitamin A, you can achieve fast results with a low dosage which helps prevent irritation or overstimulation of the skin. We are breaking it down and listing the top benefits of this powerhouse ingredient and which Osmosis must-haves claim its magic.

1. Age Reversal. The most popular quality of Retinaldehyde is its skin-firming, age-defying components. It works by implementing cellular turnover, repairing connective tissue, boosting collagen synthesis, and increasing elasticity. Basically, this super-ingredient tightens and plumps skin that naturally loses elasticity over time. The ultimate skin time machine.

2. Restoration. Aside from the fact that this powerhouse ingredient helps you achieve that "10 years younger" affect we're all striving for, it also delivers nutrients keeping the skin nice and healthy. This is what gives you a rejuvenated glow. Healthy skin is happy skin, happy skin is a beautiful you!

3. Our Specialized Liposomal Delivery System. Retinaldehyde is great on its own, but what makes Osmosis different is our unique delivery method to help your skin soak up the most out of your vitamin A products. Our vitamin A's are coated in phosphatidylcholine (pst...we learned about it last month, peep that blog here if you missed it) which is an ingredient the skin easily recognizes allowing for optimal penetration deep into the dermal layer of the skin. This is what really packs the punch for visible results!

4. Osmosis Retinaldehyde Super-Stars. Our lineup of vitamin A serums offer accessible Retinaldehyde, all of which deliver adequate results at a comfortable percentage for your unique skin. This empowering active ingredient can sometimes cause stimulation to sensitive skin. To combat this, our vitamin A Serum line ranges in different intensities to accommodate sensitive to resilient skin types. Explore these super serums here to find out which one is right for you!

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