Newness: Pathway - Herbal Colonic

7/10/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Holistic wellness from the inside out is the name of our game, and we are firm believers that gut health plays a key role in our overall wellness and immunity. An inefficient digestive system can trigger a domino affect of multiple health issues and skin frustrations. While it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, we get it, sometimes it's much easier said than done. So, we formulated an all-natural herbal colonic to help flush the digestive tract toxin build-up and bacteria to improve overall gut function to help you look and feel brand new! We're breaking down Pathway's incredible ingredients and the benefits you'll see in your skin and body from taking it for just 10 days!

Mullein Leaf Powder. A plant-derived medicinal herb known for its ability to soothe inflammation. Mullein leaves also contain expectorant properties that help to break up mucus, relieving build-up and congestion that can cause fatigue to the digestive tract.

Plantain Leaf. A natural ingredient with the powerful ability to draw out toxins while soothing and healing digestive disturbances. Think of this mighty green leaf as the "Dawn Dish Soap" of nature. Tough on toxins, gentle on the body.

Lobelia Herb Powder. This flowering herb works in a way similar to the Mullein Leaf in that it possesses natural expectorant (mucus-clearing) and healing qualities. It also can act as a relaxant in the presence of pain, helping to calm and soothe irritations in digestion caused by mucus build-up while the other ingredients work to clear it out.

Give your gut a break and help clear out harmful toxins by taking the recommended dosage for just 10 days. The results will show in increased energy, functional digestion, and radiant, glowing skin! Beautiful skin starts within! Learn where to get your wellness wizard here.

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