Treating Rosacea at the Source!

6/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

What we see on our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside our bodies. For example, hydrated bodies promote healthy, hydrated skin. Similarly, when your liver is struggling or being overworked, you can see dark spots show up on your face – you get the idea! So, what is going on inside when we start seeing red, splotchy patterns show up on our face or body? This redness is called Rosacea and it is caused by damage or strain on the digestive tract. We have both the internal and topical solutions you need to encourage digestive healing and in turn, be able to flaunt beautiful, radiant skin!

Inner Harmony: This Harmonized Water is formulated to rebalance overall skin and body wellness. It aids in the process of detoxing irritation of the skin caused by digestive disharmonies, targeting Rosacea at the source! Take 5 pumps of water morning and night, and watch as the frequencies in the Water balance and encourage proper gut function!

Calm: Treating Rosacea topically calls for a reliable vitamin A serum to partner with the skin in the restoration process. Calm vitamin A serum does exactly that – calms the inflammation on the skin! In doing so, it also restores the protective barrier, normalizes oil levels, and increases nutrients and immune repair that have been compromised by the digestive system.

Rescue: Send some backup! Rescue serves as the reinforcement agent to accelerate the healing process for maximized results! This special Serum, formulated with revolutionary, patented technology and medicinal herbs, will neutralize toxins being purged through the skin and improve that red bumpy texture for a smooth, rejuvenated appearance!

Clear Plus+: Finally, top it all off with an Activating Mist! We recommend Clear Plus+, as it helps to hydrate, soothe, and nourish, all while driving the products deep into the skin to ensure optimal penetration and effectiveness!

Tackle Rosacea with a protocol that works! All of these magical Osmosis products, paired with a healthy diet, make for brilliant, beaming skin that you can feel great about! Be kind to your gut, your skin will thank you!

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