National Great Outdoors Month! Get out There!

6/13/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Is there anything more refreshing than the great outdoors in the summer months? Whether you are breathing in the mountain air, or taking a dip in the ocean, being outside is undoubtedly the best thing to do for your body and spirit. Now that summer is upon us, being surrounded by nature is an activity we can all get in on! We want you to enjoy the Great Outdoors safely, which is why we have put together our Dream Team list of products to keep in your car or backpack to be sure you are always protected, healthy and safe!

In the Mountains:  This pack is bursting with good for you, non-toxic, goodies to keep you and your body in tip-top shape.

Altitude Harmonized Water: Sudden changes in altitude can really put a damper on your body. Trust us, being from the Mile High City we know just how nuts altitude sickness can make you. Altitude Harmonized Water helps balance altitude sensitivity, improve oxygenation, and restore cell function. This will help you adjust to any mountainous area so you can focus on your summer fun instead of altitude sickness.

Mosquito Harmonized Water: Keep those pesky little buggers at bay and keep your skin bump and itch free. We know that mosquitoes LOVE paying us a visit in the summer time, especially in mountain regions. Taking a dose of Mosquito Harmonized Water every two hours (while you are outside) will keep mosquitoes away from your precious skin. This water creates a vibration under your skin, which deters those little nibblers from taking a bite, giving  you more time to explore the wild without having to stop to itch!

Protect: Stay protected from the suns rays no matter where you find yourself. Protect is the perfect SPF to have on hand while you go on your outdoor adventures. This non-toxic, mineral based SPF hydrates your skin while keeping it shielded from the sun. Apply this block every 2-3 hours for the ultimate coverage. Keep your Pressed Base on hand too for extra coverage and protection!

Joint Harmonized Water: Hiking, camping, rafting and climbing can do some damage to your joints. At the end of your excursions, take a dose of Joint Water to aid in repairing discomfort found in your joints and muscles.

**Honorable Mention: Bear Spray, Lighter, Tweezers, Magnifying Glass**

In the Water: Whether you find yourself at a lake, or hanging ten at the beach, this pack has you covered from head to toe.

UV Protection Harmonized Water: Ensure you are fully protected and boost your bodies immunity to harmful post-sun damage. UV Protection makes for the perfect partner to Protect SPF. Keep sun damage at bay with this UV Damage, neutralizing water. Take is before, in between and after prolonged sun exposure.

Energize Me Harmonized Water: Keep your mind sharp and your body energized with Energize Me! This water will give you a morning or mid-day boost of energy without feeling over stimulated. Give your bod a dose and hit the waves with gusto!

**Honorable Mention: Floppy Hat, Sunglasses, Beach Mat, Aloe Vera**

Whether you choose the beach or the mountains this summer, make sure you pack all of the necessary Harmonized Waters and SPF to keep your adventure running smoothly! Learn where to shop for your excursion necessities here!

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