The Secret to Shrinking Pores

10/10/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Pores, though they may be pesky, do serve a purpose in your skin. They are homes to tiny, yet essential, hair follicles (or "peach fuzz") and sebaceous glands that help nourish and condition the skin and hair with natural oil. Our pores also serve as the medium to release sweat if necessary. But, sometimes our pores seem large and noticeable which can put a damper on your everyday look and beauty routine! Explore with us what causes enlarged pores, why they can be so stubborn to treat, and learn holistic solutions to minimizing them with Osmosis products!

What causes the appearance of large pores?
Large pores are primarily a form of aging in the skin. As the layers of the skin start to thin over time, the follicle is more prominently exposed as the pore around it begins to expand with the subtle collapse of skin around it. Another reason pores can appear large and noticeable is if the skin is producing excess oil, causing the pore to clog. Pores will then expand in an effort to help the oil flow more freely. We recommend seeking expert advice from a Skincare Professional to help pin-point the source of your enlarged pores for the most effective products and protocol when treating this condition.

Your Holistic Protocol.
Treating this stubborn condition requires repair of the dermal-epidermal junction as well as the overall structure of the skin. Enter Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum! This is our number one recommendation when treating enlarged pores as it will give your skin the tools it needs to rebuild and repair. Another key component in the protocol is a Vitamin A Serum. The formulation of our vitamin A's creates an ideal environment in the skin to remodel itself through a boost of collagen and elastin production while feeding it with nutrients. This combination of products will significantly transform the texture and thickness of the skin, allowing it to build back up around the follicle, reducing the size of the pore.
Catalyst AC-11 is a great addition to the protocol as an extra boost of DNA repair. The ingredients in this technologically advanced serum activate the skin's natural zinc finger remodeling process for total renewal and rejuvenation. Goodbye pesky pores!
Always remember to be diligent with your skincare regimen, starting with a cleanser and topping off the routine with an Activating Mist of your choice for optimal product penetration and results.

Enlarged pores can be a stubborn skin condition to treat, so it requires consistency and patience as the products go to work with your skin in a safe and healthy way!

BONUS TIP! Try our Pore Minimizing Clay Mask one to two times a week to help boost results with this non-drying mask that will aid in detoxing the skin and balancing oil levels without disrupting its natural oil and moisture content!

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