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There’s no doubt about it, summer is here and that means sunburn season is here too. We have been focusing on sun protection since the inception of our line, we know how important it is to protect the largest exposed organ on your body and we want you to be just as diligent as we are about protecting the skin you're in. Tank tops, shorts, and flip flops are the uniform of the season, which is always quite stylish, but leaves your body less than protected. The question is what can you do to keep your skin youthful and safe without having to walk around in a snowsuit in the summer (that makes us start sweating just thinking about it!)?

Sun protection relies on more than just sunscreen. We want to share our top tips on full body protection from the inside out.

* SPF: Wear sunscreen from head to toe. Use Protect (now in a 200ml tube) as your first source of protection. Protect is sheer, lightly hydrating and smells simply divine. This SPF is perfect for the face and body. We like keeping a small tube in our cars to make sure we re-apply on our hands and arms while we are out and about.

* Harmonized Water: 20 minutes before leaving to go on your outdoor adventure (beach anyone?), take 5 pumps of your desired Harmonized Water UV Formula. For those with fair skin, stick with the No Tan frequency. For those with olive skin, go for the tan enhancing formula which will provide an even dose of color without the harmful side effects. Utilize these Harmonized Waters in your re-apply stage. Simply follow up with another 5 pumps 2 hours later for ongoing protection.

* Proper Clothing and Accessories: When you are venturing off to hit the waves or the trail, make sure you give your body some extra coverage. For the outdoor adventurers, utilize baseball caps and sunglasses for eye and face protection. Check out your local sporting goods store to find t-shirts, and lightweight pants that are made with UV protection in mind. Many companies are using fabrics that allow for breathability while blocking out UV rays completely. If you are heading to the beach or pool, make sure you have a caftan or long sleeved cover up to wear when you are not in the water. Wide brim sun hats and large sunglasses provide extra shade and protection from the sun.

* Re-apply Session: It’s no secret that re-applying your SPF is kind of a pain, especially if you already have makeup on. We have a solution for you! Our Pressed Base Compacts have mineral protection built right in. Zinc and Titanium Dioxide provide coverage insurance. Just pop some on after every 2 additional hours you are in the sun!

* Umbrellas: Nowadays there are a ton of cute, fashion-forward umbrellas out there so you can give yourself some protecting shade wherever you go! Keep one in your car and in your adventure bag so you always have a backup for UV protection.

* Don’t Forget: Many people seem to forget to provide coverage to the most exposed places. Both men and women need to use sunscreen on their scalps, hands, feet, lips, and ears. These places seem to be the forgotten few. Apply a small amount of Protect to your scalp or hair-part. Coat your ears from front to back and don’t forget about those tootsies and hands. Use an SPF lip balm, or mix a bit of Protect with Refresh PM for the perfect sun protecting, anti-aging lip treatment.

* Post Sun Exposure: Once you get home from all the outdoor activities take a quick, cool shower and drink plenty of water. It is important to cool your body down. Follow with 5 pumps of Inner Harmony Harmonized Water to calm your organs and spirit. Hydrate the body with your favorite moisturizer and give your entire body a spritz of Clear or Clear + to penetrate your moisturizer deeper. Your face will need some love as well, apply Catalyst AC-11 to regenerate cells and treat post sun damage.

There you have it! Our full body, total sun protection tips. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays while still being able to worship the sun during these warm summer months. Get out there and be active!

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