Makeup Spotlight: Osmosis Brushes and Tools

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Using the proper tools can make all the difference in your daily makeup application. Brushes are like earrings. You can buy the inexpensive ones, but you must be prepared for some unwanted side effects. With earrings you could have an allergic reaction to gold or silver plating. With brushes, you could experience shedding, lack of longevity and improper, 'smudgy' application. Osmosis Brushes were created with your health and confidence in mind. The right brushes can give you Harry Potter style powers with your makeup wizardry. They really are our magic wands. Makeup is your tool to apply added confidence and bring out your personality. Your tools are just as important as your product. The material of your tools also plays a huge role in their worth. Most important, there are no rules when it comes to using your brushes. Step outside the box to see which brush works best for you! Let's take a closer look into our fabulous, luxury brushes and all they can do for you!

Tools for the Face:

Full Face Brush: This over-sized, synthetic dome is perfect for light finishing, loose base application AND liquid application. The result will be light coverage with an airbrushed finish. 

Dome Powder Brush: Pony hair brush ideal for pressed base application and Loose Base Application. The Dome Brush will provide you with medium coverage. *TIP* This brush is also ideal for contouring, use it with the Contour Duo to give perfect shape to your beautiful face. 

Angled Blush Brush:  Soft goat hair provides a light application of blush and bronzer. This foolproof brush is perfect for those with a heavier hand, making blush applications balanced and not too heavy. 

Medium Accent Brush & Large Accent Brush: This blended brush of goat hair and synthetic bristles creates the ability to achieve an airbrushed look and effortless, smooth skin. Use with both liquid and powder foundation formulas. Utilize the Medium Accent Brush with blush or bronzer and the Large Accent Brush with Finishing Powder. 

Foundation Brush: A compact, synthetic brush that applies liquids and creams with medium or buildable coverage. *TIP* The Foundation Brush is also a great tool for applying moisturizers and serums. 

Base Brush: This dense, flat top, synthetic brush will give you full, smooth coverage. Our Base Brush has a short, user-friendly handle and can be used in stippling motions or soft, sweeping motions. Try sweeping Pressed Base or Long Wear Liquid Foundation onto the skin, then follow with a stippling (pressing or "stamping" into the skin) to gain extra coverage where needed! 

Kabuki Brush: The queen of full, HD-style coverage. This synthetic based brush is ideal for those looking for photo ready makeup. It's dense, short bristles make for a flawless application every time. This brush is ideal for special events, nights out, or those who love FULL coverage everyday. 

Tools for the Eyes:

Concealer Brush: Synthetic, compact bristles make this little gem great for ultimate under eye coverage. Use with our Age Defying Treatment Concealer for bright, happy eyes. *TIP* try mixing both balm treatment and concealer together for smooth, cake-free coverage.

Crease Brush: Contour and give shape to your eyes with this goat hair brush. Utilize the pointed tip of the brush to place color onto the crease, then blend using the full form of the brush for smooth, blended finish.

Blender Brush: Blend to your heart's content with this fluffy, goat hair, domed brush. Use without color for a balanced blend or use with an accent color to add drama and definition to any eye look. *TIP* This brush is perfect to use with our Finishing Powder to set under eye concealer and complete eye looks. Simply tap a small amount of Finishing Powder onto of your eye shadow and liner, then tap a liberal amount onto your under eye concealer for a look that will last all day and night.

Contour Shadow Brush: This soft, compact dome is made up of fluffy pony hair for effective detailing. Use this wizard to define and sharpen your crease, add detail with our Water Colors, or highlight the brow bone. This brush is your all around multi-takser.

Oval Shadow Brush: This rounded, flat pony hair brush is ideal for prepping your eye for application. Use this brush to pack on your base color to create a smooth canvas for your entire eye look.

Small Accent Brush: This blended synthetic and goat hair brush is ideal for detailing, blending and fixing makeup mishaps. Use clean to blend fallout or use with concealer to erase or shape the outer eye shadow shape. *TIP* This brush will give an airbrushed finish to under eye concealer or blemish coverage.

Eyeliner Brow Brush: This small, dense synthetic brush gives details definition for eye liner, brows or crease. Use to create a cut crease look, or fill in brows. Use wet with any of our eye shadows to create an eyeliner, get creative with this brush!

Smudge Brush: This dense, short pony hair smudge brush is perfect for creating a smokey liner look, and for applying brilliance with our Water Colors. Use to line upper and lower lash line or to add a pop of sparkle to your lid.

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