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7/26/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone BEFORE your morning cup of coffee? It never turns out too well does it? Energy seems to be a luxury now-a-days. It's tough to feel awake and ready to take on the day after a long day of work and binge watching Netflix at night. While we are all about that morning cup of coffee, continuing to indulge throughout the day can really throw a wrench in your circadian rhythm causing you to have sleep disruptions and feel groggy upon waking instead of feeling well rested and ready to go. Osmosis knows it's not easy to say no to the mid afternoon caffeine trip, but we do have 5 easy solutions for you to gain energy in a more natural way.

* Sleep! Getting the right amount of sleep is not only vital to having sustained energy throughout the day, it's vital to your overall health and wellness. Relax Harmonized Water helps promote sounder sleep and helps reduce stress. It's so hard to turn off our minds at night. Try taking five pumps of Relax 30 minutes before you want to hit the hay, then meditate for 20 minutes. Focus on breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Tell each body part to rest, starting with your feet. Once you get to your head, focus on clearing your mind and give yourself permission to put your daily stressors away for the night.

* Wake up and WORK OUT! Working out in the morning has been proven to kick-start energy and sustain it throughout the day. Try yoga, cardio, or a fun barre class to get your heart, body, and spirit moving. Check out our tips for your pre-workout fuel here.

* Energize Me Harmonized Water. Once you hit that mid morning slump (around 11 AM), take 5 pumps of Energize Me. This frequency targets the body's natural energy sources, giving you a non-jittery bolt of "Let's do this!" Energize Me can be taken throughout the day (and before your workout) to better provide you with non-caffeinated energy.

*Rejuvenate Mind and Body Harmonized Water: The perfect addition to your lunch time routine! Rejuvenate helps tired muscles and organs (like your brain). These frequencies target mental sharpness, focus and serotonin (the hormone that helps us feel happy)! This is the perfect pick-me-up before you attack the second half of your day.

*Stretch. Halfway through your day, take a 10 minute break to go someplace relaxing and quiet to realign the body and mind. Stretch from head to toe and give your muscles a quick shake-out to wake them up from being at a desk. Practice deep breathing while you stretch to ensure your brain is getting a good dose of oxygen.

You CAN get through the day without that second cup of coffee or soda. Practice these five steps and start seeing boundless energy results within two weeks!

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