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It's nearly that time of year we equally dread and love at the same time… Back to School! This time of year always tends to be a time for transformation. You get your back to school wardrobe, new school items (who doesn't love a good trip to the office supply store)! And you feel refreshed from your summer vacation and ready to take learning to a new level. But what about your skincaremakeup and wellness routine? It's the perfect time to update, restock, or change your daily beauty habits to better adjust to the back to school flow and we have the perfect look to accompany you to your first day back as well as some excellent suggestions for tools to keep in your pencil bag!

This look is made up of:

Pressed Base - Use the Base Brush to apply from forehead to neck

Age Defying Treatment Concealer - Apply to your under eye and lid with the Concealer Brush

Spice Berry Eyeshadow Trio - Apply the lightest shade all over your lid, using the Contour Shadow Brush, apply the plum shade to your crease. Blend with the Blender Brush and the spice shade from your lash line, into your crease

Plum Eye Pencil - Line your upper lash line, keep is thin and close to your lash base.

Crushed Coral Blush - Using the Angled Blush Brush and apply Crushed Coral to the apples of your cheeks.

Innocent Lip Glaze - Load up your lips with this hydrating, glossy nude.

Check out the full look:

What else should you keep in your bag while you transition back to school? We're glad you asked!

Elevate: Keep your body well and strong all while keeping your mind sharp and focused. Take Elevate with breakfast every morning to ensure you stay on your A game!

Energize Me: Start your day off right with a dose of natural, caffeine free energy. Energize Me Harmonized Water will give you the boost you need to stay focused.

Pressed Base: Coverage and protection in one! This is your makeup staple to keep in your school bag to keep your skin looking fresh, and keeping it protected from the sun. Use Pressed Base as your SPF re-apply.

Eye Pencil: Give your peepers definition and the appearance that you are wide awake! We can't wait to see how our new packaging looks in your pencil bag!

Restore: Starting school also means being around new germs. Restore will keep your immune system rocking so you can stay focused on text books and papers instead of viruses and colds. Take Restore twice a day to power up your immune system.

Polish: Regenerate your skin twice a week with Polish. Let our enzymatic mask reveal fresh, clean, clear skin. Take a deep breath and enjoy the invigorating scent of cranberry!

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