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Our Facial Infusion Foundation webinar had a great turnout!  Thanks to those of you who attended.  For those of you who were not able to make it, we’ll be posting the audio to our website by the end of the week. 

We received some great questions during the webinar and wanted to post them for everyone as a resource.  We look forward to having you join us for our next webinar on Thursday, September 15, 2011:  Introduction to Treating Internally.

How long has the client been using the home care products you mentioned? Is there an ideal home use preparation for optimal results?

Our model has been using Osmosis products at home on a regular basis for a little over 2 monthsAlthough it is not necessary, your client will receive the most benefit from their Facial Infusion treatment if they have been using Osmosis products at home for a minimum of 2 weeks.  When your client begins stimulating their skin at home in the dermal layer their dermis will be more receptive to accepting the valuable ingredients that the Facial Infusion contains.

Are the zinc fingers actually a zinc derivative?

Zinc fingers are critical components of proteins.  They are used by all cells in the repair and formation of DNA, RNA, proteins and antioxidants.  They are composed of an atom of zinc that holds two loops of protein together to form a “finger”.  Zinc finger proteins have many potential uses.  Osmosis uses zinc fingers to aid in the repair of damaged DNA by ‘turning on’ the repair gene.  Repairing damaged DNA impacts several aspects of skin health.

Are there any contraindications to having the infusion treatment? Should you ever patch test?

There are no contraindications to receiving a Facial Infusion treatment and no patch test is necessary unless the client feels as though they may be sensitive to an ingredient that it contains.  The Facial Infusion can be performed on all skin types and Fitzpatrick’s.  Even pregnant and lactating women can receive the Facial Infusion treatment as it does not exceed the allotted IUs of vitamin A.

How long can you store the half syringe?

All Osmosis products have a shelf life of 18 months.  We produce our products in small batches so you can be confidant in knowing that when you receive your products they have been freshly produced. 

Do you have a home care product with paper mulberry bark that maintains the treatment of HP?

Enlighten is our vitamin A serum that treats areas of hyperpigmentation.  It contains a plethora of lightening ingredients including Paper Mulberry Bark (which is more effective in treating hyperpigmentation than 5.5 % Hydroquinone).  Enlighten can be used to SPOT TREAT any areas of hyperpigmentation but should never be applied to the full face as we never want to suppress melanocytes to the full face.

Can you include the throat with treatments?

The Facial Infusion can be applied to any area of the body including the neck and décolleté.

Could you use any other form of penetration to help such as galvanic current or ultrasound?

Osmosis encourages the use of tools that will help penetrate your products as we want dermal absorption.  Ultrasound and galvanic can be used after the application and massaging of the Facial Infusion to help further drive the ingredients into the dermis!

If the harmonized water is used as steam would it change the molecular structure?  Could harmonized water be used in a Dr. Lucus or in a cool pressurized sprayer without changing the molecular structure?

Great questions!  Harmonized water is comprised of two hydrogen and one oxygen and enhanced with energy frequencies that mimic particular properties.  The molecular structure of water itself is not changed when we bombard it with these frequencies however water itself will change when it is brought from a liquid structure to steam.  Regardless of the form the water is in the energy frequencies will not be affected!       

Can the infusion treatment be used after a light depth chemical peels (such as TCA or modified Jessner) and how long after that peel would it be safe to use the infusion treatment?

Facial Infusions can be performed in conjunction with chemical peels.  They should be done no sooner than 3 weeks following a chemical peel to ensure that the skin has completely healed and normalized as well as not to over stimulate the skin.  When performing a series of Facial Infusions, they can be done every 3-4 weeks and not to exceed 12 per year. 

Could extractions be performed and, if so, where would those be positioned in the infusion treatment?

Yes extractions can be performed during a Facial Infusion treatment.  It is best to extract following the application and removal of Polish.  Please refer to the Facial infusion protocols located in the Education and Marketing section of our website under Resource Center > Treatment Protocols. 

Will infusion reduce hyperpigmentation and what is the estimated timeline for results?

Yes, the Facial Infusion contains many lightening ingredients to reduce areas of hyperpigmentation.  Please see the Facial Infusion protocols for Hyperpigmented/Photo Damaged skin.  When being corrective it is best to conduct Facial Infusion treatments every 3 weeks in a series of 6 or until results have been obtained.  Depending on the severity of the damage you are treating you can see results anywhere from 2 to 6 treatments!  Of course the results will be boosted by clients using the products at home on a regular basis. 

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