Getting Infused for Summer

7/08/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

By Jamie Palmer, Corporate Educator


Warm weather and sun rays are upon us, and ‘peel’ lovers need an alternative for the summer months.  Invite them in for a non-chemical peel like no other, the Facial Infusion. With no downtime involved, this dermal therapy peel will nourish the skin while bringing results, allowing your 'peel' clients the ability to get right back out into the sun (with sun protection, of course!).  Customize each treatment to meet your client’s needs for that added personal touch.



Have hyperpigmentation with a little acne?

Add the Lightening Powder Blend, L-Mandelic Acid Powder Active, and Vitamin C Powder Blend to clear spots both dark and red. Finish off the treatment with a Soothing Gel Mask to brighten skin and leave your client glowing (add serums to customize as well - try mixing Enlighten with Restore Topical to blast those age spots!).



Important things to remember about the Facial Infusion:


Best results are achieved when someone has been using a Treatment A Serum at home for a few weeks


This stimulating product doesn't need any boosters for the first treatment as it's packed full of active ingredients


Clear is your friend when massaging the Facial Infusion into the skin


Skip this treatment for those individuals who have inflamed skin as it might over stimulate them



Do you ever feel like you can't massage the Facial Infusion in all the way and your clients are leaving a little yellow?

If so, take a warm towel to remove any excess so your client can leave with healthy looking skin.



Facial Infusion Tip:

"Don't forget the hands of your client as this is where most women have age spots from years of sun damage. Half a syringe should do the trick and can be repeated every 3-4 weeks to bring back even skin tone. When ready to boost correction add Catalyst or
Catalyst Plus."


Frank Duran, Midwest Account Manager



Visit our website at or view the Osmosis Manual for full protocol details.

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