Dr Johnson's Corner :: Employee and Client Wellness

7/05/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Ben Johnson, MD
Wellness is inseparable from skin health.  Occasionally I hear about skin reactions by employees or clients to products that had otherwise been well tolerated.  Most of the time, these temporary flare-ups are directly related to imbalances within the system, not allergies to ingredients as is often assumed.  Toxin overload, dehydration, and high stress can all reduce the skin’s ability to respond to immune enhancers.  This can also create intolerances in the skin in which you would want less stimulation topically and internally as to not overwhelm your skin’s immune system.  Osmosis’ commitment to internal health will allow you to stay healthy this summer, whether you are at the beach, hiking the mountains, or camping in the woods.

Osmosis encourages its employees and clients to use Elevate ATP to help sustain natural energy, Environmental Protection and Breathe to help eliminate toxins and clear allergies, and even Hangover Harmonized H20 for the occasional indulgence.  All of these internal immune boosters will help build strength in the skin and body creating health from the inside out so that you stay well and beautiful throughout the summer months and beyond.



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