Dr Johnson's Corner: Water Works :: A refreshing way to get healthy with the revolutionary Harmonized H20

1/10/2012 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

For centuries, acupuncture has been a staple of Eastern medicine. Western medicine-trained physicians did not accept the idea that a needle in a seemingly random location could create a physiological response elsewhere in the body by activating energy meridians. Now acupuncture has become a commonly prescribed insurance-supported remedy, which validates the effects of energy medicine healing the body.

A new science is taking shape that involves similar ideas about how energy heals the body. Harmonized Water utilizes frequencies imprinted on water molecules to balance energetic disruptions in our system. Science tells us that we are all made from vibrational energy, meaning every component in the body has a unique frequency that distinguishes it from everything else. As you might imagine, when we eat badly, drink heavily, inhale toxins, or suffer from an illness, we change the makeup of our body and also change the cellular vibrations that comprise that tissue. Harmonized Water is designed to recalibrate the damaged tissue and restore it to its optimal state.           

I was able to develop Harmonized H20 using a combination of groundbreaking technologies. We can determine the frequency of any substance in nature, which allows us to create specific frequency remedies for many conditions. We have also discovered through years of research how to permanently imprint vibrational frequencies onto water molecules enabling us to communicate easily with cells in the body. There are several formulas available that address a wide variety of ailments, including fatigue, depression, acne, rosacea, allergies, sun protection, nail strength, hair loss and sleep deprivation.      

Suitable for all ages, Harmonized H20 ignores cells that are already balanced, so there are no side effects that result. Harmonized H20 is not a medicine or a drug but rather a formula that helps balance cellular disharmonies, thereby encouraging the body to heal itself. Regardless of age, Harmonized H20 recalibrates altered frequencies that then lead to cellular changes, which assist in healing the body naturally and make the body's physiology function better within hours or days of starting it.

We have already had amazing success with several of our waters. UV Neutralizer has allowed our New Zealand friends to enjoy the outside without constant fear of UV damage from the depleting ozone layer. Skin Perfection allowed one of our clients to clear up their acne outbreaks in just a few days! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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