Wellness Wednesday: Mosquito Help!

6/29/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Wellness in the summer time is pretty easy to do. You have a bounty of amazing fruits and veggies in season, you work out more to keep your bikini body in shape, and you probably get plenty of Vitamin D. There are of course, some unwanted results of summer. The main one we always think of is mosquito bites. Is there anything worse? With viruses being spread by these pesky buggers, it is vital to protect yourself from them. Are you that one person who attracts bug bites like Brad Pitt attracts everyone on the planet? Then we have what you need. Bugs, especially mosquitoes, are attracted to three core things: Heat - Mosquitoes can sense heat from a living being, which to the bug means FOOD. Perspiration - Sweat can put off scents of lactic acid and body odor which is a huge attractant to these little fools.  Standing Water - Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be sure to empty any buckets, barrels, or any other outdoor still-water source.

How can we help? Being that our own bodies attract the bite, we can alter the frequency of attraction. Mosquito Harmonized Water helps by creating a vibration on our skin which detracts them from landing and feeding. Of course, as with all mosquito prevention, there is always that one mosquito who lives on the edge, and may go for it anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for the adventurous one.

Take 5 pumps of water within the hour of venturing outside for your evening BBQ or party! Keep the water with you and re-dose every three hours while you are outside. This is the most natural and effective way to protect yourself without dowsing your body in harmful chemicals.

Keep perfumes and cologne at a minimum and wear a natural antiperspirant to fend them off. If you do get bit, keep some Environmental Protection Harmonized Water and Rescue on hand to treat the bite and harmonize your antihistamine reaction.

You don't have to stay inside all summer to avoid being a mosquito victim. Just utilize our Mosquito Harmonized Water and get out and enjoy your summer with wellness, health, and love!

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