Osmosis ABC's: D - Dong Quai

6/20/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Do you ever wonder if there is one ingredient that can make dark under eye circles and allergy prone eye issues simply disappear? We have the answer for you, YES. The best way to lessen the appearance of under eye circles is to increase circulation, and decrease environmental allergy reaction. This is where we shine our Ingredient Spotlight on Dong Quai.

Dong Quai (otherwise known as Angelica Sinesis) is found in Asia. This root, that looks a lot like Celery, is a perennial that blooms in late August. It's root has been used in Chinese medicine for years as its benefits seem too good to be true. Dong Quai, when taken internally, has vast benefits for both male and female reproductive systems, helps treat anemia, and acts as a powerful blood tonic.
BUT when used topically, youth, circulation, and common skin conditions all see powerful benefits. Let's see just what this wonder ingredient can do for you!

Wondering which Osmosis product has this wizard ingredient? None other than
Refresh Eye Serum!

That's right, our Refresh Eye Serum is full of goodness including Dong Quai. Did you know that you can use Refresh on other parts of your face, not just your eyes? Treat dry lips, heal acne scars, and treat wounds with this little magic bottle.

Refresh will not only reduce the appearance of dark circles (by increasing circulation), it will reduce fine lines, combat red, puffy eyes, and treat extra dry skin! Get your hands on this Eye Serum now and start looking refreshed and feeling beautiful! Our skin's wellness relies on what we use and Refresh is the perfect outer wellness product to have in your skincare arsenal.

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