Men's Health: Live with Vigor!

6/07/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Men's Health Month is upon us, and we want you to know that we've brought a new player to the wellness game just for you dapper dudes. Here at Osmosis, we like to provide the best in wellness, skincare, beauty and grooming. Men's Health, as you can guess, fits right into our desire to provide the best products to further your wellness journey. This month, in honor of all you men out there, we are shinning the spotlight on our Harmonized Water, Vigor.

Vigor should be a part of your daily wellness routine, especially for men over 30. We bet you are wondering why. Don't worry, we are about to tell you exactly why Vigor is the perfect addition for you and your overall wellness.

Considering that testosterone, muscle mass, skin elasticity, and hair follicles begin to go a little off the grid when you head into your 30's, you want to make sure you keep that hormonal disruption as balanced and pleasant as possible for your spirit and body. Let's take a closer look at how and why Vigor will help make those pesky hormones balanced and happy.

* Aids in rejuvenating the hair follicle, reducing hair loss.

* Improves testosterone activity - Vigor is not a hormone replacement, it simply utilizes the testosterone that already exists in your body, making it work more efficiently.

* Increases Libido (this benefits your significant other as well....*giggle*)

* Gives your muscles a more harmonized platform to rebuild and rejuvenate.

* Overall balance of your hormones. When your hormones are balanced, there is no stopping what you can do.

If you feel sluggish, foggy, and down-right low, Vigor could be the balancing act you need to straighten out your hormones and make them work for you!

Bet on yourself this month men!  Life without vigor, is just boring!

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