Father's Day: Gifts for Better Health

6/10/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Ahhhhh, Father's Day, the hardest shopping day of the year! Why is it always so difficult to find the perfect gift for good ol' Dad? Well, Dads are pretty special, and they deserve as much love and gratitude we can give them. After a while cigars, Scotch, and Clint Eastwood movies become redundant for gifts. This year why not gift your father with wellness to let him know that you care about him and want him to stick around for a LONG time?

We have put together the perfect gift for Dad this year, ideal for a quick shave, skincare, and wellness routine.

Our top 4 picks for Dad:

* Deep Clean: Help Dad remove dirt, oil, and daily debris from his skin. This subtle scented face wash is quick and easy to use without an overpowering smell. Dad's love it!

* Immerse: This moisture booster just so happens to make the most perfect shave oil! This will effectively soften hair follicles making their removal all the less invasive and all the more gentle. It also leaves your skin feeling moisturized instead of dryer and stripped.

* DIM & Vigor: These two are like peas and carrots. Coupling these supplements together creates an internal Super Man ready to take on toxins, imbalanced hormones...(and Lex Luthor). DIM draws out estrogenic toxins (in men, these can cause male breasts, enlarged prostate, unwanted hair growth, and acne). DIM is the perfect supplement to add into Dad's routine to make sure his body is functioning like a well oiled machine. Pair DIM with Vigor, and Dad will be unstoppable. Vigor aids in balancing male hormones, targeting hair loss, muscle mass, and overall health. This power couple is the perfect gift to make sure your father sticks around for a long time!

Thanks to all the Father's out there!

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