Internal Wellness: How to Beat Summer Bloat!

6/23/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

There aren't too many bad things to say about summer... except that extreme heat can make you balloon up around your ankles, tummy, knees, and hands. Many of us take a beat from our Camel friends and retain water under extreme heat conditions. We've got some great tips on how to beat the bloat and still enjoy the heat!

* Hydrate first thing in the morning! Drink a room temperature glass of water with 1/2 - 1 full lemon squeezed in. The lemon will help alkalize the body and start it off right.

*Take five pumps of Digestive Health Harmonized Water. This water balances the frequencies that cause bloating, thus aiding in taking it down.

*Squeeze in a quick work out. Yoga poses like Child's Pose can help wake up the body and balance it's organs and is great for pushing air, toxins, and gunk out of your intestines.

*Stay hydrated ALL day!

*Once you get home and start to decompress from your day, if you're hanging out on your couch, elevate your legs at a 90 degree angle from your torso. This will kick up your circulation. Move your ankles and toes around while you are elevated.

*Take a cool shower. Cool your body down before you go to bed. Summer heat can stick with you long after you are out of it. Cool showers will calm you nerves and tell your organs that you are ready for sleep.

*Take five pumps of Digestive Health and Relax Harmonized Water.

*If bloating still continues, try sipping on a lightly steeped cup of Dandelion Root Tea. This root helps tremendously with water retention, just don't go over board as it can cause dehydration you if you overuse it!

There you have it! Quick tips to beat summer bloating! Get out there and enjoy the summer with out the puffy ankles!

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