Wellness Wednesday: Detoxing for Spring

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Did you know that once spring cleaning season rolls around, you should not only clean house, BUT clean your body too? Internal and external detoxing is so important for your body to function properly. Using spring as the catalyst for doing a body detox really is perfect timing. Use this time to clear your system of toxins and "icks" to get ready for summer! There are many things you can do to "cleanse," and sometimes it can get overwhelming to choose the right path for your wellness journey. More important, some of the options out there tend to be a wolf in sheep's clothing situation. Juice cleanses, veggies only, or even scarier, no solid foods (tell me it ain't so)!

When you choose to cleanse, jumping right into a no solid food option can put your body into quite a bit of shock and your pancreas can become very confused. No one likes a confused pancreas. Cleansing should be gentle on your body and be based on whole foods. Weight loss should not be your main goal. Your main goal should be removing toxins (we are introduced to over 1 million toxins PER DAY), like heavy metals, from your body and giving your body the treatment it deserves to obtain optimum health. Weight loss should be an after thought when cleansing. So, what should you do? We have devised the perfect internal spring cleaning plan for you and your beautiful body.

What you will need for a spring detox: (we suggest a 30 day detox)

Harmonized Water (we suggest Environmental Protection and Inner Harmony) 
Natural deodorant (without aluminum and parabens) 
Notebook to journal how you feel
Organic veggies
Organic fruits (load up on lemons)
Lean, organic meats and wild caught fish
Brown Rice
Gluten Free Oatmeal 

Detox your fridge and pantry. Remove any allergen prompting foods and preservative based foods... if the shelf life is longer than your own, toss it! Nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, refined sugar and... *gasp* gluten, these foods can cause your body to react in ways you may not even be aware of. Gluten can cause dry, rash prone skin. Dairy can break you out and bloat the living daylights out of you. Soy can really disrupt your hormonal health. Nuts, of course, can be an allergen for some, but if you don't have a problem with them, then don't worry about trashing them. Eggs are in the same basket as nuts. If you have never experienced an issue when eating them don't worry about trashing them. If you are not sure, then use this as an opportunity to find out! Keep in mind, that while you detox you may experience breakouts, body odor, and an increase in fatigue (for the first week). This is your skin's way of contributing to the removal of toxins. Don't give up, it always gets worse before it gets better! 

AM Routine: 

Upon waking, give your body a good full stretch. Elevate your legs in the air to get blood flowing. With your fingers, in very soft gentle motions, start to lightly sweep your skin from your feet up towards your midsection. Get out of bed and continue to lightly sweep your skin from your midsection, up to your armpits. Raise your right arm in the air, and continue to sweep down from your hand towards your armpit. Repeat with your left arm. You just gave yourself a nice little lymphatic treatment! Doing this in the AM is a great way to trigger your lymphatic system into gear. 

Once you have completed that, do a couple yoga stretches. We love doing Child's Pose in the AM, it helps trigger your bowels. 

Drink a glass of room temperature water with a whole lemon squeezed into it. Lemon water in the morning is a great way to start the day off in an alkaline position. End cap your lemon water with Restore, place one pump under your tongue and leave for 15-20 minutes, discard once your time is up! 

Get ready for your day! 

Eat a big breakfast. Coffee (no dairy), Oatmeal (throw in some clean, plant based protein powder) with fruit or eggs with fruit. Keep some healthy fat within your breakfast. Coconut oil in your oatmeal or Avocado with your eggs. If you want to go all in, have a small spinach salad with it (or juice your spinach and fruit)!

Take your Elevate and DIM Supplement followed by another glass of water with 5 pumps of your Harmonized Water. 

Afternoon Routine: 

If you work at an office, make sure to take 20 (part of your lunch break) minutes to walk around. This does not need to be vigorous, just a light walk to keep your blood flowing. 

Eat a big lunch!  A big salad with protein or boiled salmon with veggies and brown rice. 

Follow your meal with Complete.

PM Routine: 

After work, get on home and go for a walk or do some light yoga. Clear your mind from the day by grabbing that journal and free form write. Write how you felt about your meals, your energy level and how much water you drank. Keep your journal free of negative comments about you, your body, and co-workers. Just focus on the good things you are providing to your body and spirit. 

Have dinner before 7 PM. Dinner should be a light salad. Mix in some brown rice and light protein. Stay away from pre-made dressings. Just grab some olive oil, lemon, and a little salt and pepper, and call it a day! Keeping your dinners as the lightest meal of the day lets your body digest and come down from the day without having to work on eliminating heavy foods. 

Follow your meal with Complete and Elevate

Trigger your body to get ready for bed. Keep overhead lights off and limit TV watching or use of electronic devices. Try and be in bed no later than 10:30 PM. Finish your night with another serving of your Harmonized Water and pump of Restore 

(Be sure to wash your face with Deep Clean and treat with one of our Vitamin A Serums or DNA Repair Serums)

BOOM! How easy was that day of detoxing? No frills, no gimmicks, just good clean treatment. For these 30 days, try and avoid alcohol intake and of course, if you are a smoker... just quit already, you can do it! 

Once your 30 days is up, start to re-introduce the allergen foods slowly and one at a time. Start with gluten. Keep your journal close and pay attention to if you feel any abnormal reactions once you eat it (try a piece of toast). If you bloat, get itchy or feel anything out of the ordinary, you may have a sensitivity to gluten. The following day, do the same thing with dairy and so on and so forth. If you have any reactions to the allergy foods, consider removing them from your diet for good. If you don't have a reaction, just keep them in moderation. 

Now read your 30 day journal. Reflect on all the good you provided your body AND the 30 days of having a negative free zone to go to! Keep your journal close as you continue your wellness journey as a reminder of what you are worth and what you are capable of! Past your 30 days, continue with your supplements as part of your daily routine. 

Happy Detoxing out there!!

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