Spring Flush - Finding the Right Blush for your Skin Tone

3/03/2016 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

We all want that perfect flush for spring, you know the one... it looks like you just worked out and your skin is glowing and your cheeks are just slightly blushing. Finding the right blush color can be tricky. You want it to look natural as opposed to looking like you found some clown makeup in your Halloween box. We have a great variety of blushes to choose from and we broke them down to show you which ones are the perfect fit for your skin tone! Now you can look like you just worked out, even if you were actually binge watching Fuller House on Netflix.

Before we get to the breakdown, let's first figure out what skin tone you are.

If your coloring resembles that of Nicole Kidman you are FAIR. You burn easily without sun protection and have a creamy or subtle pink undertone.

If you feel like your coloring resembles Emma Stone you are a LIGHT skin tone. Light skin tones tend to have a neutral undertone (creamy peach, not quite cool, not quite warm).

If your coloring is similar to Jessica Alba's your are a MEDIUM skin tone. Medium tones can be cool or warm in undertone. If your skin is warm like honey, you are warm. If it is peach or pink your are cool.

If your coloring is like Alfre Woodard you are MEDIUM-DARK. Your undertone may be closer to plum or red (cool) or yellow (warm).

Alright, let's find your perfect blush:

Poppy, Summer Rose and Tulip - Medium - Dark skin tones: These bright blushes pack some serious depth which look incredibly natural and gorgeous on medium and dark tones. Poppy and Tulip are great for cooler undertones while Summer Rose is perfect for warmer undertones.

Nude Bliss, Summer Rose and Crushed Coral are lovely choices for fair to light skin tones. Crushed Coral has a peachy undertone which looks gorgeous on all undertones fair - light. Nude Bliss will warm up a cool undertone and Summer Rose will add a shimmery glow to warm undertones.

Plum Blossom, Pink Pearl and Peony are great picks for light to medium skin tones. Plum Blossom will compliment cool undertones while Pink Pearl and Peony compliment warm undertones.

South Beach Bronzer - This bronzer will add warmth and dimension to those with fair to medium undertones. This bronzer makes for a great highlighter for those with dark skin tones.

There we have it, the perfect pairing for your spring flush!

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