ABC's of Osmosis - A: Allantoin

3/01/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Do you ever read the ingredient deck of a product and wonder what the heck some of them actually do? We are happy to introduce our newest column to our blog, the ABC's of Osmosis. Here we will break down specific ingredients, to better understand how they benefit your skin and wellness. First on deck is an Osmosis favorite, Allantoin.

Allantoin is a plant derived compound that is a favorite among herbalists and skincare specialists. It soothes skin while calming inflammation, helps to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin decreasing scar tissue and creating smoother texture which is why we love it.

You can find this wonder ingredient in these products:

*Age Defying Treatment Concealer - Perfect for soothing the sensitive under eye area, not only will you get great coverage, but this concealer will treat your under eye area with care!

*Hydralift Gel Mask - Get ready to plump it up! The Hydralift Gel Mask is a HUGE dose of hydration, this is the perfect post-procedure mask to keep skin protected and help it heal.

*Apple Organic Mask (Professional) - Calm irritated skin and help new skin cells surface for ultimate skin protection.

*Soothing Gel Herbal Mask (Professional) - Perfect for post sun exposure! Cool and soothe irritated inflamed skin with this gentle, calming mask.

We hope you now love Allantoin as much as we do! This is a key ingredient to keep skin feeling AND looking its best!

Find out where to shop here. To experience the benefits of Allantoin with a Skincare Professional, find a spa near you here.

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