Spring Break Essentials: Bring the Spa Wherever You Go!

3/18/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Are you off to somewhere fantastic, warm, and tropical for spring break? We sure hope so! Packing for vacation can get a little hectic, especially if you are packing for others as well (ahem... kids... and significant others). We tend to forget to bring our skincare routine with us when we travel, then we get stuck using hotel bar soap to wash our face (the horror)! Luckily we have the perfect packing list for you to be able to bring your routine (and maybe even your very own spa) with you. Just because you are on vacation, does not mean you can vacate your skincare routine!

The products below all come in TSA friendly sizes!
Quench and Quench +
Refresh and Refresh PM

So, without further-adieu here is your Spring Break Packing List:

Purify (1.7 oz. OR Travel Size) or Cleanse (1.7 oz. size) to keep your skin clean and fresh.

Replenish - Perfect to repair your skin from a day of traveling.

Refresh or Refresh PM - Eyes can get beat up on vacation, make sure to treat them to some moisture and antioxidant repair morning and night.

Shade - Our awesome SPF and Moisturizer in one will keep your skin protected from tropical rays and keep it hydrated.

Clear - This is the best in-flight treat for your skin! Just give a little spritz mid-flight for an extra dose of hydration and a pick me up (just don't spray the person sitting behind you by accident)!

Restore - Always have Restore on your person when you travel (and when you are at home) to keep your immune system healthy and protect yourself from germs and free radical exposure.

We also suggest bringing our Harmonized Water Mini Kit. Equipped with Digestive Health, Relax, Energize Me and Hangover Helper. All of these waters will help keep your body balanced while you are on vacation!

Extras: Sunglasses, hat (for more sun protection), a good book... Don't forget your passport!

Enjoy your spring break!

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