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Simplifying StemFactor

Are you hooked on the advanced formula for StemFactor yet? If not, it’s time to get on board! This incredible formulation performs above any other growth factor serum out there. Utilizing the exosome technology, StemFactor can provide better penetration and more activity for stunning results.

So what is an exosome and why is it so important?

Exosomes maintain the health of stem cells and protect and deliver the vital molecules that stem cells make such as growth factors, proteins and cytokines. This protective shield around the growth factors have receptor arms on the outside to activate cells and improve penetration. The receptor arms are what make the growth factors easily accepted into our skin and connect to our cell walls; therefore making it more stable and significantly more potent than any liposomal or unprotected growth factor serum. Growth factors occur naturally in the body and regulate the division and reproduction of cells. Each growth factor has receptors that communicate different “instructions” for each cell. Some “instructions” may include stimulating collagen, protein, blood vessel formation, fibrolasts, immune repair and new cell production. All of these, plus another 150 growth factors are found in StemFactor. The use of exosomes to encapsulate growth factors results in unparalleled performance. Healing of damaged, hyperpigmented, rosacea and aged skin is encouraged, creating healthy, younger, beautiful skin.


Maximize Your Skin's Potential

After age 30, the amount of growth factors in your skin progressively declines impacting your skin's ability to heal itself. Using advanced technologies and a balanced approach, Osmosis Skincare's StemFactor replenishes the growth factor activity in your skin in a safe and effective way.

Licensed Professional? Check out the exosome study in the Science Center under Published Research - Exosomes. *Requires professional log-in to view.


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