4 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

11/23/2015 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Morning is the best time of day, a new beginning. The only thing keeping us from taking it on is our morning routine. If you're anxious to get out the door or if you have trouble waking up to your alarm, these tips will help you speed up your morning routine so you can get to your day and accomplish your goals faster.

Keep Your Products Organized 
Every second counts when you're in a hurry. If you find yourself shuffling product around to find your serum or moisturizer, you're wasting precious morning time! Organizing your products means you'll know exactly where to find them. Try placing them in the order you use them, then you'll know exactly where to reach for your serum instead of doing the shuffle. This can become a little unorganized after a couple of mornings, especially when every second counts. Not to worry, a little reorganization during your evening routine will make sure you're prepared for the next morning!

Cocktailing Your Serums
This is a great way to get your full skincare routine in less time. Your Osmosis Vitamin A Serum can be cocktailed with a DNA Repair Serum and Rescue. Pump your serums into your hand and massage into the skin. Don't forget to spray Clear (or Clear Plus) for added penetration once the skin becomes tacky.

If your morning routine includes StemFactor, you'll want to use that first and separate from your other serums. Applying other serums first, whether cocktailed or not, decreases the amount of penetration StemFactor will achieve.

P.S. This really goes for any serum! You'll want to apply the serum that is most relevant to the condition you're looking to target first so it gets the most penetration.

Add a Moisturizer to your Loose Base 
Need a quick tinted moisturizer? Pump your Osmosis Moisturizer into your palm, sprinkle your Osmosis Colour Loose Base on top, mix, and apply!

Create a Morning Playlist
You typically know how long it takes you to get ready and music is a great and energizing way to help you keep yourself on track. Create a playlist of your favorite morning tunes to listen to while you get ready, keeping in mind that the length of your playlist should match the time it takes you to get out the door in the morning. Singing along is encouraged!

Keep these tips in mind while you're getting ready and you'll find you're able to tackle your day a lot faster!

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