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Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN
According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the US affecting 7.5 million Americans. Psoriasis affects the immune system causing the cell growth cycle of the skin to speed up. This results in itchy, red, thick flaky lesions on the skin. Most topical treatments for psoriasis help to slow down the over production of cells and reduce inflammation. Psoriasis is commonly treated by a physician but if you find a client on your treatment table be sure to not apply facial treatments to a psoriasis lesion. Below is a salve you can use to soothe and protect those areas from facial products. It will hydrate and calm inflammation with soothing aloe, fatty acids and willow herb. To help provide long term relief of psoriasis Digestive Health and Anti-Pathogen Harmonized H20 twice daily can slowly help correct imbalances affecting the immune system.
Psoriasis Salve - For Professional Use Only
(Professional sizes): Mix 1-pump Immerse, 1-pump Quench, 1/2-pump Shade, 1-pump Clear, 1-scoop Calming Powder Blend, 1-scoop Hyaluronic Acid Powder Active until well blended, gently apply to lesion being sure to use good sanitation practices with this fragile skin. No need to remove from skin.
RESULTS: Daily use of Anti-Pathogen & Digestive Health

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