How To Set Intentions for the New Year

12/20/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

As each year comes to a close and we reflect back, we also want to start shifting our thoughts forward on the year to come. Set your sights and intentions on 2018 and all that you want to manifest. It's always great to have goals, but intentions speak deeper and help drive to those goals. Let's learn exactly how to set these intentions so that they may come to fruition, highlighting our highest, most authentic self!

1. Create a safe space to clear your mind.

Setting intentions should come from the heart space. It is important your mind and heart are surrounded by positivity and that you are in a safe place to uncover that which you wish to manifest. Turn on some music that inspires you or sparks the creative side of your brain. Positive vibes are key here! We want to set intentions of growth, positivity, and love, so be sure your space represents that when brainstorming.
TIP: It may help to hold some crystals, or place them in your room to stimulate your thoughts and set the tone.

2. Harness the power of writing.

Writing down your thoughts as they come to you is a great place to start to really channel your heart's deepest desires. Get out of your own way, no rules, just write. Don't worry about punctuation or if what you're writing makes sense. Let the words flow onto the page and discover what your heart feels and wants when you read it back to yourself! This practice is truly magical and will help you conquer the roadblocks your brain puts in the way when trying to set your intentions for the new year.

3. Look inward.

Setting intentions different from setting goals. Intentions cannot be forced and must come from a heartfelt place as a way of living and being, as opposed to an action you would like to take. Though goals are extremely important and we should all have them, they tend to overwhelm us especially when the pressure of a new year comes around. Look inward to align your intentions with your heart's purpose and how you can use these intentions to pave the course of your life and your relationships with yourself and others.

4. Let your truest authenticity flow.

Osmosis President Robin McGee says, "We have all we need to achieve our desires within our own self," we just have to awaken it! Dig deep to bring your intentions to life. There are many practices that help you get in tune with your intuition and develop a deeper understanding and relationship with yourself. Whether it be yoga, meditation, journaling, or any other form of self-care, do some research to find a practice that resonates with you and start exercising your intuition muscles! This will play a large role in unveiling your hearts desires and intentions. Osmosis President, Robin McGee says, "It is empowering to know that your desires are under construction and it is the ultimate success to have them occur.".

We are so excited to begin the journey through a new year with you! Keep us posted with your intentions, progress, and practices to help you reach your goals and manifest those desires. Let your authentic self shine through!

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