Makeup Tips and Tricks for a Glowing Spring Brilliance

3/27/2018 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

The changing of the season paves the way for a refresh and renewal in all aspects of life, including your makeup bag! Say goodbye to warm and dark winter hues and hello to this season's hottest trends! Glowing skin is always in, but this spring it's making a bigger statement than ever. Check out our tips and tricks for brightening up your look!

1. Glowing Eyes.

Put the smokey eye on hold, right now it's all about a monochromatic glow! No need for a contour color, just dab a bit of highlighter or a soft, shimmery shade of Eye Shadow onto the center of the lid and blend into the ball of the eye, just under the brow, and down around the tear duct to create a bright, youthful radiance! Get the full step-by-step tutorial for the perfect glowing eyes here.

2. Bright Blush.

Go bold with Blush this spring! Adding a pop of color to the cheeks perfectly compliments the glow of the eyes and adds life to your look! Colors in the coral and orange family are hot right now! And you can never go wrong playing it safe with pinks.

3. Flaunt your Best Features.

Targeted highlighting that illuminates the entire face is absolutely stunning in the sunny season. Heavy-handedly sweep the highlighter from our Lustrous Contour Duo along the tops of the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose, and across the cupid's bow. Or go for an even stronger shine by utilizing our Opal Water Color and blending in for a magical luminosity.

4. High-Shine Lips.

Lips take the cake this season as the point of interest in your makeup look. Electrifying and glossy is the way to go! Choose a color that says "wow!", the bolder the better and then lay on the lacquer. Our Lip Glazes come in richly-pigmented, high-shine shades that will add the cherry on top of your spring glam.

This spring's trends are all about big color and knowing when to glow. Shop your seasonal beauty bag essentials here!

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