One Step to Change Your Makeup Look

1/08/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Are you feeling a little dull? A little...meh? Maybe a little trapped in your daily beauty routine? It is SO easy to get stuck in a makeup rut, and we tend to forget that our makeup routine is an expression of who we are, and how we are feeling, but we have a solution to get you back on track and feeling bold, happy, mysterious... or how ever you want to feel.  There is one easy shift you can make in your makeup routine to really switch it up and feel like new. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a whole new makeup look or learn how to perfect a cat eye, you just need to change your lipstick!

It is easy to change our look just by changing the color of our lips. That doesn't mean buying the same shade you always wear or going straight to a nude lip shade. It means stepping outside your comfort zone and really listening to how you want to feel. There are no rules now-a-days about when to wear a bold lip or a natural lip, you can simply wear what ever makes you feel good... and if that is a bright red lip at 9am DO IT! We LOVE our Lipsticks, their creamy, rich colors keep lips hydrated and last all day. They all come in wearable shades that can transform a drab feeling look into a glam bomb look! We like to select our lipsticks to reflect our mood, it's an easy way to show the world who you are, AND it adds a quick update to your daily look. Here are our suggestions for choosing a lip color based on how you want to feel. Doing this will update your day to day makeup look in a snap!

  So get on with your bad self and put your pucker on the front line!

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