Spring Style Trends 2014

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Alejandro Falcon, LE
Artistic Directory, Corporate Educator
Tips from Alejandro Falcon for this year’s Spring makeup trends.


Keeping the skin fresh looking, without adding heavy foundations, is the way to go. Light mineral makeup can minimize flaws and add protection from the environment. Apply your mineral foundation as light as possible to make the skin look fresh and healthy. Increase hydration and give skin a natural glow with hyaluronic acid, found in Colour's Mineral Hydration Mist.


The colors chosen for lips and cheeks should be the same shade and should not contain any mixtures or other colors added to them. If wearing a red lipstick you would not add a pink or silver gloss to it, but rather stick with the boldness of the color. Blushes should complement your natural blush tone. If you are going to go with a bolder lip color, then add a subtle shade of blush to blend with it. The look for the blush is to accentuate the cheeks without utilizing a contouring effect when applying them.


Since eyes and lips have become a focus for Spring, mascaras and eyeliners play a big part in enhancing the eyes. Solid eye shadow colors applied all over the eye area and using a wet eyeliner can add a subtle yet defined look. Pick a shade that would be the opposite of your eye color so that it can bring out the color of your eyes. For instance if you have blue eyes use a shade that has brown, copper, yellow, bronze, plum or terracotta tones. For brown eyes you can use blues, purples, greens or mahoganies to enhance them. Use a good eye shadow base such as our Age Defying Concealer to cover any discoloration on the eyelids and noticeable capillaries. With an oval shadow brush, apply the shadow to the top of the lash line and sweep it back on the rest of the eye area. Try to keep the tear duct light in color and add a soft lighter shadow tone below the brow area, just as a finish.


Brows can be defined in their natural shapes but a square-type appearance is what's in for
Spring. Use the Brow Gel to help fill in the brows. Lashes should be enhanced and built up. Use the Defining Mascara and reapply to add volume, coating both upper and lower lashes. Wet liners, such as the Liquid Eye Definer, will further define eyes. Apply a wing tip at the end of the lash line for the perfect “Cat’s Eye", giving your eyes the appearance that they are open and almond shaped. Use a regular pencil liner for the bottom lash line and apply to the inside rim of the eyes for a more defined and dramatic effect.


Keeping it as simple as possible is the best natural way for this year’s Spring style.

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