Product Diversion :: Why It Matters

3/12/2014 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

What IS product diversion?

Product diversion is one of the biggest challenges in the professional beauty industry and it is BIG business in the United States with annual sales of diverted products in the tens of billions of dollars. 

What is product diversion?  It is a term used to refer to products and merchandise that are being sold outside the intended distribution channel or simply put, in "unauthorized places".

How does product diversion occur?  With a market this hot and few to no laws to prevent it, there are many, many ways.  A wholesaler orders product and fails to sell it all.  They then drop the product on eBay or Amazon or sell the product to a third party without the manufacturer's consent.    Diverted product may have been stolen or "collected" from multiple sources before being sold to a third party or end-user.  In some cases, diverted product can be the result of illegal fraud as was the case with Dina Wein Reis who diverted millions of dollars of product away from huge corporations including Proctor and Gamble, Roche, and Unilever.   To read more on this story, click here.

So why does it matter to you?

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted and/or altered formulas, old, or expired products that may not be safe to use.   There could even be a completely different product inside the bottle than what is listed on the label. 

Are diverted products dangerous?

They could be depending on what is actually in that product you purchased.  Using a diverted product could result in irritation, infection or worse. 

But if the product turns out to be real, who does it really hurt?

Diverted product hurts the independent businesses (your aesthetician, spa/salon owner, and doctors offices), the professional manufacturer, and ultimately you, the consumer, who trusts a professional brand to deliver the highest quality ingredients and results.

Product Diversion and Osmosis Skincare

Osmosis Skincare products are formulated with the most advanced ingredients in the world.   Our products produce optimum results when chosen and sold by trained skincare professionals who understand their clients' skincare needs and objectives.   Osmosis Skincare can not guarantee the authenticity, efficacy or condition of products sold outside legitimate distribution channels.  Genuine Osmosis Skincare products are sold exclusively through authorized skincare professionals or online retailers.  Osmosis Skincare products found outside of these places are considered to be diverted product.  Click here or call our offices for authorized skincare professionals near you.

Why It Matters

By purchasing diverted product you are contributing to a major problem that affects both consumers and the entire skincare industry.  But if that doesn't convince you, before you decide to save a dollar or two buying product from an unauthorized seller, please first consider your health and safety.   You wouldn't purchase "discounted" medication online just to save $5, would you?    Your skin is your body's largest and fastest-growing organ. Skin is your body's protection.  It helps you stay warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. Your skin protects everything inside you from your heart and lungs to your blood and muscles.  Don't endanger the health of your skin with diverted product.  It's just not worth the risk. 


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