Telomeres: The Secret to Radiance

2/07/2018 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

We live in an exciting era where science is charging full-speed ahead, busting myths and misconceptions left and right, and unveiling new discoveries all the time. We've now reached a time in which what we see and know to be true about aging can actually be reshaped when looking at the process with a holistic lense. Say hello to telomeres! An on-the-rise trend in scientific research that could be transforming our health and longevity as we know it. It's not some magic potion that is our key to the fountain of youth; however, with some healthy habits, lifestyle adjustments, and key Osmosis super-stars, you could see a significant difference in your quality of life and possibly even add some years to your lifespan. Not to mention, slow the appearance of aging on the skin - sign us up! We're cracking the code to the latest scientific discovery and learning what it might mean for our aging, health, and longevity. Let's talk telomeres!

So, what exactly are they?

Telomeres are a section of DNA at the end of each chromosome, protecting it from deterioration or merging with neighboring strands, and are responsible for healthy cell function. Think the plastic tips on your shoelaces that keep them from fraying! As your telomeres shorten inevitably over time, your cells start to lose their "gusto" and ability to function properly. This is where we start to see aging and disease as the cells lose their ability to perform what they were meant to do for our bodies.

The average human telomere declines significantly over the course of a lifetime becoming shorter and shorter (and this process typically happens faster in men than women). So, the longer the telomere, the slower we age, and the higher quality of life you will have!

What can we do about it?

Our holistic line is rooted in science and goes the extra mile to ensure it is creating permanent change from the inside out. This includes your DNA! "Osmosis' unique and patented DNA repair strategy is a necessary part of preventing further deterioration of our telomeres." says Dr. Ben Johnson. The ingredient AC-11, found in our Catalyst Serum as well as our internal supplement, Elevate, works to increase the repair of your skin's DNA by 33%, while Elevate provides benefits to DNA internally by giving your cells the ATP needed in DNA repair activity. Our AC-11 and Zinc Finger Technology combines with AC-11's ability to maintain the optimal health of our DNA.

Boost results from your skincare and supplements by leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Making healthy lifestyle choices not only boosts your energy, fitness level, and brain function, it also keeps those telomeres long and thriving. A healthy, balanced diet, plenty of sleep, adequate exercise, and managing stress levels all contribute to the maintenance of your cells, which will in turn significantly reduce signs of aging. Long live your telomeres!

It's up to us to nourish and fuel our bodies with healthy choices in our day-to-day living. Shop more holistic wellness supplements here to help contribute to your routine!

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