How to Celebrate Global Wellness Month!

5/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

June is Global Wellness Month and we couldn't be more excited to help you celebrate! We love being a part of the wellness community, mainly because the term wellness, is all encompassing to your life. The act of being well relates to so many aspects of who you are. From your spiritual well-being, to your internal health, to your mental health, your strength and wholeness fully relies on your ability to be, you guessed it... Well. We are thrilled to have put together a few tips on how you can celebrate this global month of wellness!

1.  GIVE! Being charitable has such a huge, positive effect on your life and your health. Gifting those with your light and positive personality releases good-for-you endorphins and spikes happiness in your brain, which in turn soothes your organs and cells. Isn't science just the most fascinating? We love giving back in little ways throughout our day-to-day lives. Simply paying for someone's coffee, complimenting another human, or throwing a smile their way are all great things you can do to impact and empower someone else in a positive way.

2. Get Moving! A big part of feeling well is making sure your body stays active. One of the best things you can do for your body and mind is exercise... and if you do it outside in the wild, even better! Being around nature while working up a sweat not only helps your cells and organs get all that delicious oxygen, it keeps your spirit connected to this big, beautiful world, which is an important factor in your wellness lifestyle. Don't forget to stretch once you have worked it out and be sure to check out our favorite yoga routine to get those muscles in shape.

3. Detox! Your body is so amazing and it deserves to be treated like the beautiful temple that it is! Give your bod a boost by taking proper supplements to help power through daily detoxing. We love using Environmental Detox with Elevate or Melt. These precious pills kick-start your body's detox abilities and help push daily toxins out of your organs, fat cells and overall system.  If your body is Batman, these babies are your Robin. While you take these supplements, don't forget that what you put in your body is incredibly important. We love eating fresh veggies, lean proteins, and high fiber grains.

4. Join a Community! Share your love with those around you. Joining a community initiative or group that works towards a common goal is an incredibly powerful and healing action. The NextDoor app is a great tool to reach out to neighbors. Use it to start a book club, dog walking club, or anything your heart desires! You can also find great initiatives here, thanks to the Global Wellness Website, you can now find those with like-minds that want to take action in their lives. Sharing is caring, after-all!

5. Relax! Ahhhh, relaxing. We think that is something we could all use a little bit more of.  Pull out your phone and go to your calendar. Pick two days out of the week and schedule one full hour to yourself. Use this time to unplug from the world. Put away your devices, turn off your television and bask in an hour of quiet meditation. Being with yourself is so important to keep your wellness journey moving. During this time, feel free to talk to yourself; check-in and see how you are doing. This is the perfect time to work through personal hurdles and putting a one hour limit on that task makes it far less daunting. Once your hour is up, do a little stretching and give yourself a big, fat hug!

These are a few tips we utilize in our day-to-day lives to keep our journey moving at full speed. There is so much you can do to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Living a life of wellness can do so much more for you than prolong your health, it can settle your mind and manifest things you never thought were possible.

Live well out there and find your wellness needs here. 

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