Father's Day: Our Favorite Dad and Me Activities!

5/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Father's Day is almost here and we are so excited to celebrate all of our wacky, loving, incredible fathers out there! We know just as much as you, that gifting the men in our lives can sometimes be a bit difficult which is why we came up with a list of experiences you can treat your dad to. Because Father's Day falls within the warm summer months, what better way to gift dad than with some fun activities that you two can share together.

1. Day Hike: Find a nature hike nearby and lace up those shoes! Doing mobile activities with dad not only gets you moving, but it lets you and your father share fitness and health. Let dad know you want him around for a long time, hiking and moving is the perfect way to do so.

2. Fishing: Grab your flies and hit the river. Fishing is not only a soothing activity, it's an opportunity for some uninterrupted, quiet time with dad. Google the nearest catch and release spot near you and get to casting!

3. Picnic time! Plan a picnic with your dad's favorite foods (even if that means pizza, burgers and hot dogs) and treat him to a foodie dream. You could even combine this with your day hike (for the sake of the burgers)!

4. Use your hands: I can remember vividly, working with my dad in the garage on weekend projects like building a porch, painting, and general home work activities. Go to your local craft supply store and purchase birdhouse supplies! Nothing is more fun than building a home for your neighborhood birds. Build one for yourself and one for your father, so you can both think of each other when you sit and enjoy the chirps (you could even Tweet your progress...hardy-har)!

5. Take a Woodworking or Whittling Class: Learn how to build or carve a keepsake from nature! Whittling is a rather soothing activity that is not only fun, but you get to hold on to your finished product and think of dad every time you look at it.

For all the fathers out there, we thank you for your support, love and understanding! Now let's hit the road and go on an adventure fit for the finest father! *Don't forget to wear your SPF while you are enjoying the outdoors!*

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