May Day: Spring into Floral Goodness!

5/01/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

We don't know about you, but when spring pops up, our little hearts begin to palpitate with joy. Flower blooms are, simply put, the best! There is nothing better then anchoring your home with gorgeous spring flowers which help brighten any mood and bring about a feeling of recharged energy. We wanted to take this opportunity on May Day (the celebration of spring) to give you a dose of flower power! Let's see which flowers are seasonally in bloom and just waiting to become fresh cuts in your home.

Ranunculus: These flowers not only have a funny name, they bring so much joy and beauty into your home. Their whimsical stems and bright, textured blooms make for a great stand-alone statement. Stick these beauties in different colored bud vases with a sprig of greenery to add a pop of color to any room in your home.

Peony: The queen of spring blooms! These flowers give you the feeling of bold beauty with their giant blooms and hearty green stems. Peonies bloom in an assortment of color, but if you ask us, it's the pink shades that ring supreme! Peonies don't need any accents, greenery, or stalks, just simply place them in a vase and enjoy the view. *FUN TIP* if you purchase peonies that are still in their pre-bloom ball, stick them in a cup of ice water and watch them open right up!

Anemone: These poppy look-a-likes come in the most pleasing colors! Their dainty stems and wide petals make for a whimsical look, perfect for any boho home!

Daffodils: You can't go through spring without seeing these joy-inducing, yellow cups of wonder. Add stems of daffodils to your home in bud vases or one giant vase. These babies don't need any filler as they stand alone perfectly! 

Hydrangeas: Oh man! These boisterous flowers add drama and beauty to any spring bouquet. Their large heads and strong stems make for a great arrangement! With a wide variety of unique colors, these flowers will make a statement on your counter.

Did you know that looking at pieces of nature (like flowers) increases the production of serotonin to the brain? Treat yourself this May Day and welcome spring and summer with in-season blooms! After all, you deserve to be surrounded by something as beautiful as you are!

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