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Is it that time of year already? 2017 is just over the horizon and as it gets closer, we start reflecting on the past year - everything we accomplished, our highlights and every hurdle we jumped. The other thoughts that pop into our minds are the goals that may have fallen by the wayside. That's typically where the New Year's Resolutions start manifesting. While we love setting goals (crossing things off lists is, after all, a great feeling)... but how many of your New Year's Resolutions are re-do's from the past year, past two years or a re-run for the last decade? Yeah, us too! Don't fret, because this year, instead of making a list of goals most of us will forget about, we're choosing to ring in 2017 with one word in mind: EMPOWER. With this word, we're making a commitment to ourselves, to you, and to our well-being to be the best we can be without a list of New Year's Resolutions, because change starts within, not with a list. So join us in our #startwithin movement and say goodbye to New Year's Resolutions and say hello to the new, always improving and always fabulous you! 

Here are some ways, to start your New Year off right without the stress! 

1. Make small daily adjustments to better your internal, spiritual and emotional health. These adjustments should be small, building up momentum as the year (and you) move forward. Try meditating or journal every morning. Keep the thoughts positive. Try our Body Talk Meditation and start seeing results in the way you think of yourself.

2. Look at the past. That's right, take a long, hard look at all you accomplished in 2016. Make a list and revisit that list every time you are feeling stuck.

3. Say goodbye to the negative. While you look at your past years accomplishments, take note of the losses, misgivings and negative impacts from 2016. Once that list is complete give yourself an hour (no more and no less) to grieve, mourn, and accept the bad. Next, step outside and set that list on fire. In the words of Elsa, "let it go, let it go." Accepting the negative, letting it go and moving forward is an ideal task to complete before 2017 rolls in. Start fresh without having past "boo's" cloud your momentum and #StartWithin.

4. Positive affirmations. Write down, in one to two words on multiple sticky notes how you want to FEEL this coming year. Use our word, Empowered or Joyous, Content, Productive, Courage, Strength, Gratitude... the list goes on. Tape them up in places you will see everyday to remind yourself that every action you take should invoke one of those feelings.

5. Take small steps. Be sure to pay a little focus to small things that can impact your health in big ways. These steps should be easy to obtain, and should be taken day by day. It can be as small as flossing daily. Set a note up in your bathroom as a reminder. (DYK that flossing daily can decrease your risk for heart disease)? Keep the focus simple, unclouded and meaningful.

6. Gain gratitude. Let your grateful heart shine through your every pore. No matter what trials and wins you go through this coming year, know that they are stepping stones to personal growth. Throw shame out the window and hit your ups and downs head on. Share your gratitude with strangers. Tell someone at the coffee shop you like their hair, or that they look great today. Giving, after-all is the best way to make your heart sing.

Be empowered this coming year. Your life is in your hands alone and we want to help guide you to optimal wellness, inside and out. We are all in this together and we can't wait to see how you soar in 2017!

Let us know what you are doing to Empower yourself by using our 2017 hashtag: #startwithin.

Happy New Year to All from team Osmosis!

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  1. Love reading this! So inspiring and reminded me to message my client who purchased Body Talk 3 weeks ago. I asked her how it was working and her response was..."Amazing! I feel great and my skin has dramatically cleared up, who knew special water could work so well"
    Angela Hendry~Fullerton Facials