Osmosis ABC's: Jojoba

12/21/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

It's that time again: our monthly dive into ingredients that keep your skin healthy and happy! This month we have landed on the letter J! We are so excited to explore this month's ingredient, Jojoba oil. This magical oil is a long used ingredient in skincare and makeup and we totally get why! Read on to find out why our love for this ingredient is so strong:

Woah! That is a long list of powerful benefits! Jojoba Oil is an important ingredient in many products at Osmosis, let's see the all-stars that hold this powerhouse!

These babies are all packed with the almighty Jojoba!

At the Spa, ask for these treatments: Tropical Mango Mask (perfect for those with irritated or dehydrated skin) Orange Zest Mask (great for skin lacking luster) and Cucumber Mint Mask (great for all skin types needing a pick-me-up).

At Home:  Quench and Quench Plus+ both feature this hydrating and protecting ingredient.
What's better is that you can get the benefit of Jojoba in our Colour line as well. Pressed Base not only gives you the coverage you crave, but nourishes the skin all day. Our Blush, Eye Shadow Trios, and Lip and Eye Pencils also contain this wonderful ingredient. Get ready to get your Jojoba on with all the basics you need to glam your day!

Learn where to shop these all-stars here.

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