Winter Body Treatment

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Cracked heels, cut hands, bumpy dry winter skin... Do those sound like any winter body problems you've experienced? Us too. That is why we have put together a winter body treatment for you to treat yourself to weekly to keep your body moisturized, toned, and flake free.

Dry Brushing - A few times a week, use a dry brush to help gently exfoliate your skin. This technique also helps your lymphatic system push out toxins, and gets your circulation moving. We suggest dry brushing in the morning, before you shower. Starting at your feet, use very gentle strokes with a soft bristle body brush (be sure not to use a hard bristle brush, soft brushes keep the integrity of your skin intact). Follow your strokes up one leg at a time, towards your heart. Once both legs have been brushed, move onto your arms. Hold your arm above your head and follow with soft strokes down towards your heart. Gently brush your abdomen (up towards your heart) and your bum.

Water Oiling - Keep your favorite body oil (we love using Immerse and Coconut Oil) in the shower. Once you are done showering, apply your body oil to your skin while it is still wet. This helps the oil absorb and gives instant hydration to your skin after a hot shower.

Moisturize - While your oil is still damp, apply a body butter or lotion all over. Then walk around (or dance) in your birthday suit while it soaks in (maybe even take a look at your self in the mirror and say thank you to your incredible body)!

Do your oiling and moisturizing every day. Then once a week, follow these steps:

Multi Mask your Bod! Use our favorite enzyme mask Polish to treat your heels, hands, elbows, and knees. Apply to damp skin and massage with a few sprays of Clear or Clear Plus+. While that settles, apply Hydralift Firming Gel Mask to your upper arms and thighs for a toning, hydrating treatment your body will thank you for. Leave both on for 5 minutes, then shower off and follow with oiling and moisturizing.

Keep your Mineral Hydration Mist handy. We love using this mist to finish our makeup application, but it also makes for a great hydrator for the body. Just a few sprays during the day will keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Don't forget to use Immerse for your hair, nails, and heels. This Emu Oil-based hydration booster is multi-tasking wonder!

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