8 Ways to Winterize your Beauty Routine

12/08/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

"Winter is coming!" Actually, winter is already here (but we'll use a GOT reference every chance we get). With the changing of the seasons, it is important to adjust your beauty, wellness, and skincare routine. Colder weather brings on a flurry of skincare concerns that are easy to combat with the right tools. Winter is also be a great time to pay mind to your emotional and mental health too, gloomy days and longer nights can make for a total a change in mood and behavior. Lucky for you, we've got you covered with 8 easy swaps to add into your daily routine to boost your winter health inside and out.

1. Add moisture! Immerse is one of our favorite products to use in conjunction with Quench or Quench Plus. Adding just half a pump of Immerse to your daily/nightly moisturizer will give your skin a huge boost of hydration and moisture. The emu oil is your winter skin superhero, which also makes for a great hair treatment as well.

2. Gently exfoliate. Adding in a treatment that safely sweeps away dead skin build up will keep your winter skin from flaking, and keep it in tip-top health. We love using our Polish mask once a week to gently exfoliate with the use of enzymes. We don't suggest using a harsh scrub as it can compromise the surface and health of the skin, that's why we love this cranberry enzyme mask which gives us a fresh, hydrated complexion.

3. Slather with Refresh PM. This thick, balmy eye treatment will keep your sensitive eye area flake free. It also makes for an incredible lip and cuticle treatment. Load your lips, cuticles, and gently pat a bit around your eye orbital for a deep, moisturizing treatment.

4. Keep your spirit up! Seasonal depression tends to rear it's ugly head this time of year and we want you to know that you are not alone. We are so grateful that we have Body Talk Harmonized Water and Elevate to keep your mental health in shape for the long winter months. Body Talk neutralizes emotional effects on the body and Elevate will pump you full of B Vitamins giving you higher energy (without harmful stimulants), which will help keep your brain happy and healthy.

5. Up your water intake. Yep, it's that easy to calm inflammation inside and out. Increasing your water intake during these long, cold months will help keep your body functioning. It is important to flush out those toxins we tend to take in during the holiday season so our skin can stay healthy. Water is your perfect detoxing supplement!

6. Switch foundations. During the hot months, powder foundations tend to be the bee's knees. But once winter hits, it is smart to try switching your formula. Our CC Cream delivers coverage, protection, and more moisture than its powder sister, making it the perfect swap for winter.

7. Get your Clear on! Many of us at Osmosis have multiple bottles of Clear or Clear Plus in multiple places. From our purse or car to our desk drawer, we love using this refreshing spray to revive tired mid-day skin. Clear and Clear Plus will give your complexion a nice re-up of hydration. Use it during the day to help your skin combat dryness.

8. Use a sleep pack. For those with extra dry, extra sensitive skin, use our Hydralift Mask as a sleep pack. Pat a small amount all over your face, then hit the pillow. Once a week give your skin a treat with this overnight, hydration hack.

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