Skincare Protocol: Perioral Dermatitis

2/03/2017 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Do you have flaky, red, bumpy skin around your mouth? Perioral Dermatitis is no joke, and it's one of the most frustrating skin conditions out there that effect both men and women. The cause of this eczema, acne-looking hybrid is vast, stemming from internal gut issues to topical products you use that cause it to flare up. Perioral Dermatitis is often misdiagnosed, or treated with topical antibiotic or steroid creams, which actually exacerbate the symptoms.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is another irritating ingredient found in toothpaste, facial cleansers, and shampoos that can greatly effect PD. Lucky for you, not only are all of our product SLS free, BUT we have a perfect protocol to treat PD for good!

Complete: Give your gut and pancreas the love and care it deserves. By removing toxins from our gut and absorbing nutrients from food in a more efficient way (all things Complete does), your skin will be treated at the source of PD. Take one after every meal and look for results within a week.

Skin Perfection Harmonized Water: Let Skin Perfection work its magic by harmonizing candida and toxins within your gut, which in turn will help heal your inflamed, irritated skin.

Rescue: Your topical hero! Rescue is your epidermal repair serum that will help take care of the physical symptoms of PD. The wonder ingredient, trioxolane, calms the skin while it neutralizes surface toxins and inflammation.

Clear: Use Clear to further penetrate Rescue into the skin. Spritz it on after your Rescue application and gently massage.

Extra Tip: Try using a natural toothpaste, without SLS and replace your current face wash with one of our SLS-Free washes

This is your simple, totally doable PD treatment. Add these steps to your daily and nightly skincare and wellness routine and get ready to say goodbye to Perioral Dermatitis for good.

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  1. Perioral Dermatitis is a serious issue and it must be treated well. Your blog is very helpful for those who are suffering from skin problems like this. Thank you for this blog and helpful eczema treatment.