Skincare: Multi-Masking to Target your Skincare Needs!

2/23/2017 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

Ever wonder how celebrities get their glowing, even skin? Multi-Masking is a lasting trend with incredible benefits. Gone are the days of only using one mask to treat a single skin concern, now you can double or triple up on masks to treat different areas and different skincare needs, all in one swoop! We love that all of our masks provide gentle, yet effective results without disrupting the skin's natural healing process. Let's dive deeper to find out which masks are right for you!

Hydralift Firming Gel Mask: This hydration-boosting, skin-plumping mask is perfect for those wanting to treat dry, dull skin and for those looking for a little something extra in their age-reversal routine. Hydralift is packed with soothing, hydrating ingredients like aloe and cucumber which aid in immediate hydration and smoothing of the skin. Aloe also helps speed up cell renewal. This mask is great to place on the outside portion of your face and your lip and jaw area.

Polish: One of our favorite mask treatments, Polish is packed with cranberry enzymes to gently eat away at dead skin, without removing the vital lipid barrier. With 1% CoQ10 and Lactic Acid, this mask is the perfect alternative to an invasive peel. Polish also helps with smoothing out fine lines and brightening hyperpigmentation. Use this power player on your forehead and cheeks for a glowing, even skin tone.

Repair: Gently help the skin heal with our soothing, non-irritating Repair Mask. Boasting high amounts of Niacinamide and Cocoa extract, this mask helps kick-start the healing process and is great to use as a spot treatment on acne (great for those pickers out there... you know who you are), or any post procedure areas. Repair is also great to slather on after sun exposure to minimize burns. Use Repair in your multi-mask routine to spot treat any areas in desperate need of healing.

Pore Minimizing Clay Mask: Whoa baby, this mask hits the pore-cleaning mother-load! Kaolin, Bentonite clay, and Charcoal take this mask and your skin to another level of clear! The powerful combination of these mineral-rich, earthy clay's gently remove deep impurities from the pore. When using this mask in conjunction with Rescue, your pores will literally shrink! Who else can give you that result?!? We love using this on our t-zone and chin in our multi-masking routine.

Learn where to get your multi-masking treatment here.

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