Osmosis ABC's: Lonicera Caprifolium

2/17/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Welcome back to another Osmosis ABC's! This month we are exploring an ingredient in the 'L' family, Lonicera Caprifolium... AKA Honeysuckle Extract! Honeysuckle isn't just a sweet-smelling, beautiful flower, it is also has medicinal properties that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Let's take a look at why Honeysuckle is one of our favorite ingredients to use in our skincare and makeup.

Vitamin A Serums:  Kick butt with Vitamin A AND Honeysuckle with Calm, Clarify and Correct. Each Vitamin A serum has different levels of intensity to fit all skin types. Honeysuckle will help balance the skin while the Vitamin A does it's work!

Enlighten: Brighten the skin and soothe it with our top lightening product.

Replenish: Treat your skin with a veil of antioxidants and, you guessed it, our all-star Honeysuckle. 

DNA Repair: Both Catalyst Plus+ and Catalyst AC-11 products contain this magical ingredient. Not only can you get permanent results to your ageless skincare routine, you can keep your skin clean and healthy.

At the Spa: Check out an Osmosis Spa near you to take advantage of our wonder ingredient featured in our Facial Infusion and Soothing Gel Herbal Mask. Go here to find out where to find a specialist.

Check out these color products that won't only highten your beauty routine, buy they will treat you skin all day! Talk about multi-tasking makeup:

Pressed Base, Finishing Powder, Watercolor Eye Shadows, all Eye Shadow Duos and Trios, Loose Base, Blush, Contour Duo and Lipgloss. 

Learn where to shop for these soothing, skin-healthy products here.

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