Detox: Swimsuit Countdown is On!

2/27/2017 Osmosis Skincare 4 Comments

It's that time of year where we start to come out of our winter hibernation and realize that maybe it's time to get our ticker in shape and tone up or bods just a bit, right in time for swimsuit season. We know, just as well as you do, that getting into shape can be a daunting task, but did you know that it actually doesn't have to be? Getting healthy can be easy if you take it a day at a time and gift yourself with a positive outlook and a pinch of patience. Here are our favorite tips to tone up, get healthy, and wow yourself (and others) at the beach this summer.

1. Adopt the Prince, Pauper, Peasant technique. Consuming the bulk of your calories before 3pm is an easy way to streamline your caloric intake and let your body do its job in a timely and comfortable manner. We love to eat our largest meal at breakfast, lunch is a medium meal and dinner is small. Hence eating like a Prince in the morning, a Pauper in the afternoon, and a Peasant in the evening. Start your day with a big ol' heaping bowl of oats with fruit and peanut butter or eggs with a green smoothie and a flax waffle. Lunch can be chicken or tofu with brown rice and steamed veggies while dinner can be a small salad with a cup of bone broth soup. Giving your body ample time to digest at night is vital to weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

2. Supplement: Utilize holistic supplements that kick start your metabolism, sharpen your brain, and keep your spirit up! We have seen some amazing results from the coupled use of Melt and Elevate. Melt provides you with natural stimulants and natural fat-burning properties to facilitate the detoxing of your fat cells. Detoxing those cells allows your fat cells to shrink and become easier to burn. Your metabolism also gets an opportunity to speed up and do its thing when toxins are not as prevalent in the body. Elevate, as you may already know, keeps your energy up, kicks your metabolism into high gear and helps keep you mentally sharp, which is important when you are focusing on boosting your health.

3. Remove disruptions from your body for a better work out, stronger immune system and healthy tomorrow. Drink a dose of Disruptor water to start your spring and summer detox off right. Removing pathogens and viruses will help you keep your body in shape and allow you to plow through workouts and meal prepping with flying colors!

4. Meal Prep and Work out Prep: Come Sunday, plan out your meals for the week, cut those veggies, cook that chicken and organic tofu and make a big batch of brown rice so you wont find yourself starving, with nothing to grab. Lay out your workout clothes and pick the best time for you to gift yourself with 30 minutes to go for a run, walk or jog. Clear your head and focus on your body while you do your cardio. Use this time to connect to yourself, and love that you are capable of anything.

5. Shots, shots, shots! Take a shot of wheat-grass or ginger (at your nearest juice shop) to boost your health and treat yourself to some liquid goodness. Your body will thank you, and so will your skin.

6. Be kind to yourself! Take a read of our Self-Love tips, and remember that toning up, and getting in shape is about YOU, and no-one else. Health is an investment and a gift that you can give yourself. We want you to look in the mirror every morning during your detox and tell yourself that you "love you!"

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