Trash Talk: When to toss your makeup!

2/04/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Raise your hand if you are a makeup hoarder! It's safe to say that throwing away makeup feels like a mortal sin (maybe an exaggeration?!?), but seeing a half used blush from 1984 go into the trash creates a pang sadness, what if you throw it away and decide one night that you need it to complete your look but that shade has been discontinued for years and you can't find one like it...gasp... THE HORROR!!!  We get it, makeup can be quite an attachment to a lot of women, it holds your personality, expression, and memories. BUT, there does come a time when your makeup needs to be tossed. So let's call this an intervention of sorts, a PSA if you will. All makeup has an expiration date!

Why do you need to toss expired makeup? As makeup ages, it looses its efficacy, and anti-microbial power, which means bacteria could be building up in your products. So when do you toss the goods?Each product you use has a Point After Opening guideline, meaning once you open and start using the product, that is when your "toss it" count down begins.

Powder Products (Pressed Base, Loose Base, Setting Powder etc). - Powders have the longest shelf life due to their lack of water. Keep your powders in a cool dry place to prolong their life span. 
Liquid Foundations and Concealers - Liquid products should be tossed within a year. 
Blush and Bronzers - Just like your Pressed Base, these can go the distance! 
Lip Products - Once 12 months hits it's time to say, "So long!". 
Eyeliner and Mascara - Liquid Eyeliner, Pencils, and Gels as well as Mascara needs to be tossed and replaced every 3 months. We can't stress this one enough, using an old eye product could really do some damage to your peepers, so keep em' clean! 
Eyeshadows - We like to say 12 months on your shadows, but they could last up to 24 months, just be sure to keep them clean, dry, and to yourself! 
If you are not sure if your makeup is ready for the trash or not give it the sniff test. If your makeup smells rancid (kind of like musky dust) toss it. We also like to write the date we open our product on the bottom label as a reminder. 
We know it's hard to part with your precious makeup, but it may be time for a clean out, so put on your big girl pants and get to cleaning! 

Find out where to replace needed product here.

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