Heart Harmony

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How often do you think about your heart? It is, after all, the source that keeps you going. February is Heart Health Month and we want to make sure that you give your heart the love it deserves and needs to keep on pumping. A major part of your wellness is eating right and exercising. Getting at least 30 minutes of cardio a day is very important to keep your heart healthy. What else can you do to ensure your ticker keeps on ticking? Inner Harmony and Elevate, that's what! Supplementing your heart with balance is the trifecta to your healthy diet and movement. Both of these supplements aid in your heart's health and harmony. Let's find out why.

Inner Harmony Harmonized Water - Inner Harmony not only aids in balancing skin and overall state of mind, it also aids in organ protection. By helping your organs detox daily, you provide each organ (like your heart) with the power of protection. Removing toxins from the body daily helps keep your body alkaline, which in turn helps ease inflammation. Inner Harmony is an important part of keeping your body in line so your heart can keep you going. Take it twice daily for optimum results.

Elevate - Take your heart health to the next level. Elevate aids in providing sustained, caffeine-free energy to keep your body moving. CoQ10 keeps your heart safe from free radicals and gives your heart a healthy dose of antioxidants, while Ganoderma (often referred to as the elixir of life), keeps inflammation at bay and aids in detoxifying the body. Elevate also raises your metabolisim and helps with weight loss. A big part of heart health is having a healthy weight. Losing fat will keep your heart (and other organs for that matter) functioning longer and stronger for a prolonged, healthy life.

Take care of your heart every day with these two harmony-inducing supplements. Elevate and Inner Harmony are easy to add into your daily lifestyle to keep your heart pumping. Show your heart a lot of love and give it a squeeze with these two heart-loving buddies.

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