Tips for Maintaining Your Holiday Wellness

11/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

While the holidays do bring out joy, community, and gratitude, it can also often induce stress, bloating, fatigue, and running ourselves into the ground. We have come up with 5 holistic ways to prevent the holiday season from wrecking havoc on our bodies and minds. So, start the fire, pour the eggnog, and read up to learn how to stay merry and bright all month long!

Happy Gut, Happy You.

About 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, so it's not surprising that the health of your digestive system heavily dictates the well-being of the rest of our body and mind. It's no wonder we start to see that pesky cold make its way through our offices, homes, and communities all winter long as we indulge in a few more sweets, drinks, and heavy meals that put extra strain on our digestion.
Give your gut some back-up this holiday season with Complete, our natural digestive enzyme that will help your body break down food and increase nutrient absorption for easy digestion with the inevitable overindulgence that comes with the holidays.
PRO TIP: Optimal digestion promotes a better mood! So, keeping that tummy happy can keep a smile on your face too!

Keep Those Positive Vibes.

We're all too familiar with the stress that comes with preparing for the holidays. The cleaning, the shopping, the cooking, the in-laws! It can really take its toll on us if we let it. Focus on re-directing your thoughts to the pleasures of the season to alleviate some of that stress. Don't underestimate the power of your own mind! Take a moment to unplug each morning and start your day by jotting down 3 things you are thankful for. This will streamline those positive thoughts to the forefront of your mind and give bad energies the boot!
PRO TIP: Body Talk helps neutralize emotional effects on the body and is designed to cancel feelings of anger, sadness, and fear so you can enjoy each present moment sans stress.

Forego Fatigue.

When exhaustion sets in, it can feel nearly impossible to recover. Everyone knows the feeling of sluggish fatigue from November until January. Keep your energy levels up all season long by starting within! Contrary to what we sometimes may think... 3 lattes a day will rapidly dwindle your energy and stamina to conquer long, busy days. Instead, hydrate and nourish your body and watch it thrive! Elevate is a holistic solution to your chronic fatigue throughout the holidays. Its caffeine-free capsules offer a boost of sustained energy while detoxing cells and promoting mental clarity and focus so you can stay alert and energized all day long without the crash. We also love these fun tips to help keep your energy up all day!


Society and the media drill into our minds that the holidays are a "season of giving" (A.K.A. shop 'til you drop). And though we are firm believers that every season should be the season of giving, how can we give our all to others when we don't have all of ourselves to give? Sometimes we give away our time, money, attention, and services until we run ourselves into the ground which is harmful to our bodies and mental health. This year, place an importance on self-care and take the time to prioritize your commitments. Ensuring that you are giving back to yourself will, in turn, increase your ability to give love back to others! We love waking up each morning and enjoying a warm beverage before the house wakes. Sitting quietly with yourself fuels your mind and body and helps prepare it for the day.

Sit back and relax.

Give yourself all the time you need to relax. Re-charge in the evenings after guests leave by taking a warm bath, or prop your feet up for 10 minutes while the cookies are in the oven. This refueling and focus on yourself helps provide the stamina needed to take on all the season's festivities!
PRO TIP: Struggle to unwind after a long day of entertaining? Relax Water is treated with frequencies that help create a sense of peace and balance while lessening tension so you can rest easy!

The holiday season should be a time of joy! Say goodbye to that bloating, fatigue, and stress, and say hello to true holiday cheer!

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