Let it Grow: Movember Tips for Your Best Beard

11/03/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Men everywhere, it's time to put those razors down for the month! No-shave November, or Movember, has a much more significant meaning than just growing out that beard or mustache for kicks and giggles. Participating in this widely popular tradition by growing out facial hair is helping to bring awareness to men's health! According to the No-Shave November Foundation, the idea is for men to take the money they're saving from the barber or store-bought razors and donating it to men's health research and to help aid those battling. So, cancel your trips to the barber, we want to see that stache! And as it grows in, might as well make it look great too! We have just the tools you need to help you channel your inner DiCaprio and bring in a dapper beard that will stay in tip-top shape all month long.

Groom & Wash.

If you're new to the facial hair world, you may not know that it needs some love too. To let your beard grow without grooming could result in course, unruly hair. be sure to keep it clean by lathering with a natural cleanser, like Deep Clean (or Purify for a little extra exfoliating power), in the shower and give it a good scrub to rid it of excess oil and keep it free of dirt and debris from the day.

Gently Exfoliate.

This step is especially important when the facial hair is first coming in. Often times, stubble can lead to ingrown hairs that leave the skin itchy and irritated. Polish is a gentle, cranberry enzyme mask that rids the surrounding follicles of dead skin, promoting a healthy, smooth, itch-free feel and appearance!

Immerse with Conditioner.

The final step to keeping your beard or mustache soft and touchable (key for Movember, right?) is to treat it with a conditioning oil. This will help tame the mane keeping it hydrated and smooth. Immerse is a rich, oil-based moisturizer that will both hydrate and condition while providing a splash of vitamins and antioxidants.

Embrace your manliness this November, go forth with gusto and bring on that beard like a boss! Knowing that you're doing it for a great cause can be your driving force, then back it up with the supplies needed to tame the man mane.

Find a Skincare Professional near you to receive the full protocol of the ultimate beard-grooming experience.

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